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smx5 or tcx xcube????

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by alwayseric, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. have to make the desicion as soon as possible.

    SMX5 $220
    X-CUBE $130

    i guess A* is a better and more reputable brand than TCX?
    SMX5 is a very good one.
    SMX5 is a "traditional" full lenth riding boot
    SMX5 looks good and feels good(only "good looking" boots i have ever tried)
    i guess wearing smx5 to walk around supermarket or even watch a movie is ok?(sure, under jeans)

    i guess X-CUBE looks more like a day-to-day option
    XCUBE provides good protection too
    XCUBE is not "traditional" riding SHOES (ie better protection)

    as to me,
    i dont think i will do anything on the track.
    in the next 15 months, i wont go over 100kph (90kpm limit plus 10kph buffer :)
  2. this is a question no one can answer?
  3. what's the question ???
  4. Oh, THAT question.

    pretty sure you only have to remove them at service stations
  5. :rofl:

    I know nothing about boots, but FWIW I would go for the SMX5.
  6. the question is smx5 or xcube?
  7. obviously the smx5 is the better boot, offers greater protection.
    that is the intended purpose of the two products and it would appear the smx5 pawns the tcx. then again, if you hit an oncomming truck at your estimated 90kph, not really going to make a whole lot of difference hey.
    but you're not comparing boots in the same price range.
    i have some tcx competizione S and they've help up quite well and are a very tough boot. feel free to take a sledge hammer to them while i'm still in them. but walking ? forget about it.
    though many are fond of the smx5 and claim comfy to walk in.
    regardless which motorcycle boot, you"ll find the soles will wear out rather quickly if you walk around on cement a lot. but given that modern cinemas are carpeted you should be fine. so long as you're not speeding because speed kills all the little children. that would make for a lot of upset parents and ruin the movie for you.
  8. lol

    thank you.