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SMX-6 Goretex boots

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Pugsly, Apr 12, 2014.

  1. I'm on the huntfor some decent *waterproof* boots as my current boots are shagged.

    I saw the SMX 6 goretex boots at a retailer and the signage said "new for 2014".

    Now these suckers just fit aroundmy calves, and goretex has a good name, however I'm hoping someone else has handed over nearly 400 of the folding stuff and say if they're worth it.

    I'm predominantly a commuter, round trip is 80km, so good waterproof boots is a must.

    Even if you don't have these boots, I'd welcome any thoughts on astar as a brand.
  2. I have these



    because they breath my feet do not sweat, and as a bonus they are water proof too! I have ridden in the rain a few times including torrential down poor, and my feet have stayed dry.

    I have another pair of leather touring boots, they are water proof too... but, your feet come out damp from sweating as they don't breath.

    They are very comfortable, entry is from the back (gigity) and they have calf adjustment.
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  3. +1 on iClint's Daineses. I have them too and they're great for commuting and touring. Comfy enough for walking around a bit, and you can get away with them under jeans unless someone's taking more than polite interest.
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  5. I've had the SMXPlus for two years and they are a good boot. Not the waterproof SMX6 though. I've had Alpinestars and Sidi boots and been happy with both.

    Edit. Will probably get waterproof socks for winter.
  6. I have the waterproof SMX5's, nothing special, but nothing bad either. I got them at half price though, if I was to pay full price for a boot, I would go Daytona's everytime.
  7. I had a pair of SMX-6 boots for a week or two, before the screw that holds the lateral ankle protection in place busted loose on one of them and I returned them for a pair of Supertech R's. They were insanely comfortable and I was disappointed they defected, but I didn't trust them after that. Apparently they've sold a heap of them and had only a couple come back, but for something that needs to perform when you need it most, that's not good enough for me.
  8. Thanks for the feedback guys. I'll check out the Daytonas and Dainese for fit and comfort.
  9. Trying to find who stocks them in Melbourne (Daytonas and Dianese) - any ideas? My google foo is failing me.
  10. Daytona's are stocked by http://www.innotesco.com.au/
    They are happy for you to visit their home to try and buy.
    They also have a stand at the sbk and motogp.

    Dainese are at most bike stores.
  11. For commuting try a pair of Dririders. Waterproof +. Cost just under 200. I have the short boots. Very comfy. But won't give you the level of protection the full on sport/race boots give. Having said that I was wearing them when I had a slow speed spill and they were ok. Cheers