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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jd, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. Can't help but think of that Prius epsiode of Southpark when I see something like this:

    It's a scooter, it's electric, it's solar powered....and he's an "organic farmer" :shock:. Suppose you have to give him some credit for the technical aspect - but I reckon the only thing that could make it more wrong would be to paint it pink and stick a Honda badge on it.

  2. Be a beggar for splitting!!!!!!

    I bet he used half a suburb's worth of electricity buring the lights in his shed to 3:00am every night designing and building it :LOL:.
  3. Oh I dunno... it looks like it'd make an excellent yellow Honda :LOL:
  4. It's actually pretty cool.... The solar panels need to be more integrated though so it keeps its stylish design ;)
  5. I don't see these becoming the hot new item for 2008. Wouldn't be so dependable if you park in a garage or in the city next to tall buildings where there aint much sunlight. Not to mention if you get weather as crappy as it has been this past week.... well... you'll be walking home.

    I'm wondering how far he can get before needing to stop and recharge.
  6. That's the stupidest thing I've ever seen
  7. really??!

  8. Yes. Spending that much of your time designing something as ugly and pointless as that scooter is stupider than taking a stupid risk like that.

    Both are pretty stupid though.
  9. Looks like some one was riceing up a scooter with big wing. I'm sure most blinged up shopping carts will be jealous when they see one at the lights.
  10. I think he built that scooter with parts from Jaycar :LOL:
  11. i think it's fkn brilliant. not pretty, sure, but a damn good idea. we saw a movie the other night called 'A Crude Awakening' that's only on in one cinema in melbourne (nova) all about peak oil. i tellya, give it 10-20 years and we'll all be very bloody happy to have that much power in a vehicle.
  12. Yep - on days when you think you're having a bad day, just remember that we live in perhaps the only narrow few decade window in the entirety of human history when our profligate use of fossil fuels will make fast bikes a possibility.

    Now it's *possible* that we'll invent fusion, and killer electric motor and battery technology that will make a (silent!) electric powered CBRZXR1 possible, but it's probably more likely that we'll all be on cleaner, greener and much, much boringer mounts in a few years.
  13. I reckon electric vehicles are a great idea, so long as the electricity is supplied sustainably (eg. solar power). It seems a bit silly to put the panels on the bike, better off having them on the garage roof and putting bigger batteries in the bike. I saw a writeup somewhere about an R1 that was converted to electric, power to burn and no emissions. Perfect for a commuter vehicle, just no good for long trips.
  14. Ah yes the peak that supposedly occurred in '95...then 2004...now it's 2010 ;) :p. I've also seen docos predicting mass looting, rioting and basically the end of all civilisation once the price of fuel in the US rises over US$5/gallon (that's A$1.50 a litre :roll:). There isn't any real need to switch to electric vehicles yet. Just do something about the million F-series pickups and other light trucks that are sold each year and used mostly as single-person commuters.
  15. It looks kinda of gay.

    Is he gay?

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  17. Ha ha ha, your a fkn champion!

    I'm keen to see how far they can go with electric cars. They've made an electric sportscar now that is actually competitive with petrol sportscars. It's called the Venturi Fetish (http://www.venturifetish.fr/#)

    Check the stats out

    Two-seater roadster
    rear wheel drive
    Electric motor
    Electric 180kW, Central rear mounted
    Torque over the range of use : 220Nm
    Air cooled
    1 gear reduction unit
    Ratio : 9,58 : 1
    31 modules of Lithium-ion LIV-7 batteries, placed in T formation in the central unit
    Weight of the batteries : 248 Kg
    Liquid cooling
    Battery lifecycle : on average over 2000 cycles, about 250 000 km with a good level of performance
    Braking regeneration system
    Complete recharge
    With external charger : 1 hour (30 kW three-phase)
    With on-board chargers (3 modules) : 3 hours
    With on-board chargers (2 modules) : 4 hours
    Cost of a complete recharge at night
    28 kWh X 0.0654 € ttc = 1.83 € ttc
    Cost of a complete recharge by day
    28 kWh X 0.1074 € ttc = 3 € ttc
    Central unit : composite carbon-aluminium honeycomb, pressure-sealed
    Front and rear unit in welded aluminium extrusions
    Carbon fiber
    Front : double wishbone with combined spring and dampers
    Rear : 5 trunnions and shock absorber spring
    Front : ventilated discs, diam. 320 mm
    Rear : simple discs, diam 320 mm
    Estimated perf
    0 to 100 Km/h : < 5 s.
    Range : 250 Km
    Top speed : 160 Km/h
    Overall length : 3887 mm
    Overall width : 1884 mm
    Height : 1200 mm
    Front track : 1500 mm
    Rear track : 1590 mm
    Wheel base : 2600 mm
    Front tyres : Michelin 225 40 R18
    Rear tyres : Michelin 265 30 R19
    Total weight
    980 Kg
  18. Agreed peak oil will definately happen eventually. Point is though that at the moment everyone seems focused on eliminating use of oil entirely as the only solution. The reality is though the technology needed for this could still be a long way off and there's a lot of simple things that could be done right now to reduce oil use and significantly delay this peak oil event. The US at the moment uses around 8 million gallons of oil per day - yet the average mileage for new vehicles is just 24mpg - virtually no different to what it was 30 years ago. And of course you also have the added problem that on average cars only have something like 1.1 people on board (ie almost always just a driver).
    Don't see why don't governments just drastically reduce the sales tax and/or rego on motorcycles and small cars - and at the same time increase it on large vehicles (unless owners can prove a genuine need for one). That'd easily buy enough time to get electric/fuel-cell/whatever engines worked out. Of course never going to happen as long as you've got oil companies and car manufacturers controlling legislation.
  19. The range is a bit limited on electric bikes/cars which use batteries. Same with top speed, but I think that could be fixed by having 2-3 speed gearbox.

    Fuel cell on a bike? sounds like an easy way to fix the weight/range problem.