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NSW SMSP Ride day Jan 30 2016

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by GeorgeO, Dec 26, 2015.

  1. Creating this separate thread to keep planning for each planned ride day apart.

    So far I know the following people are in

    LionzLionz and sidekick
    Myself and the beautiful Emvee


    In but may not share garage

    icemakericemaker - we need to do some planning to 'sacrifice' a session to get some good video of each other. Santa brought me a Gopro for Christmas .Wonder how he knew I wanted one?
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  2. Nice mate, the more camera angles the better. We could almost make a film!
    Im gonna try to sort out a mic this time to get a better engine sound.
  3. Sorry everyone, I can' t make this one.
  4. Ha only in spirit unfortunately :( Back up in Port Mac from the 2/1 until...
  5. 10 days and counting.

    Need to sort out a tether for my new GoPro this weekend. Ebay-ed a gopro ram mount that I'm quite happy with that gives me a better view (will show the dash to record speed).

    LionzLionz - i still have your one front stand.
  6. George ill bring a wire trace i use for fishing incase you need something sorted on track. I used it on the gopro i had on the rear and worked well.
    Im abit worried about my tyres getting rejected though, fronts fine but rear is starting to square off and its very close to the indicator. Worse case is I get tyres wacked on there, which could be expensive.
  7. start saving.......
  8. Thanks George, much appreciated. I'll grab it on the 30th.

    Do we know how many are in yet to sort a garage?
  9. Pray for good weather every one. Seems like it rains every weekend. Got new springs on the 250 and very sticky pirrelli supercorsa. Its a whole new bike!
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  10. What do we need to offer the weather gods?
  11. Unleash the Brutale upon them, will have the weather gods running for cover
  12. RaggyRaggy - you joining?

    LionzLionz - well we have 5 confirmed so far.

    .....stuck in Townsville airport waiting for a delayed flight from Sydney to arrive before we can depart........grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
  13. Real men would have ridden to Townsville and back........................

    Okay, garage is confirmed for the 30th:

    Your garage is booked, garage number 32 'Netrider'
  14. Then I'm kinda glad I'm then not a real man...........

    39 degrees, hot and farkun humid. Can't imagine riding in this with leathers on.

    Sweet on the garage! You have earned your 'organising' scout badge.
  15. More commonly known as the 'busy bastard' badge
  16. Do the badges go on the left or right shoulder of your racing leathers?
  17. Left George. Think of it as more of a medal than a badge.
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  18. Apologies Georg
    Apologies GeorgeO don't think I will be able to make it. Just did my level one with CSS on Tuesday 19th. However will try to see you all on 30th Jan.
  19. oh man soaked to the bone on thursday and friday cause I am too lazy to take my wet weather gear to work!

    weather report changes daily now rain Monday to Friday????....pray to the Gods its dry by Saturday!