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NSW Smsp april 25th

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by OHjimbo, Apr 18, 2016.

  1. Hey guys
    I'm going for my first track day on Anzac Day (25th) and was wondering if anyone had a spare spot in a garage for me so I could get some pointers and advice with bike prep and throughout the day cheers

  2. Sorry, a group from Netrider is going again on the 5th June. Welcome to come and join us for your second track day!
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  3. You'll just have to rock up early Mate and hope you get a spot in a garage with a few decent riders. If you talk to people and show willing most will be helpful. You do get the odd 'I love myself' dick though!
    Have fun, join us on a Netrider day sometime as Georgie said.
  4. If you're doing the track day at EC - read through the paperwork they email you beforehand - especially the section on scrutineering and what you need to do to pass. As long as your bike is functional, forks and brakes in good working order everything should be ok.

    Expect to be overwhelmed your first few sessions and remember to tell yourself to breath! To make the day productive - set your goal for your first day to be consistently on the same line (ie set your brake markers and turn in points and stick to this the whole day to develop consistency). Speed will come later.

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