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N/A | National SMSP 2nd Sept 2016

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by -Free-waY-, Sep 15, 2016.

  1. Did anyone head out for the STay Upright track day on the 2/09/2016 at SMSP? It was pouring that day and interested to hear if it still went ahead.

  2. I believe it still went ahead. I'm sure I saw a post from chilliman64chilliman64 about it.
  3. Thanks man
  4. He went but it rained that day and left after two very tense sessions. The track was declared open that day so no money back.
  5. as per Senator17Senator17 and GeorgeOGeorgeO have said - yes I went, the weather was horrible. I rode for two sessions in white group and three riders went down, other groups also lost riders. I stayed for lunch then went home. it was a sh1t day!
  6. I thought it may had been. I registered and paid but didn't see the point in riding out there in that weather to be told it was too wet and have the day cancelled - and then have to ride back home again... I wonder what conditions they need for them to cancel a track day and reschedule or refund..?

    Good to hear you didn't go down, mate.
  7. They cancelled and rebooted the 5th June day. Track was never declared open due to too much rain even for wet tyres. Rivers 10cm high was flooding over turn 15
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  8. #8 chilliman64, Sep 15, 2016
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2016
    Thanks mate - I was very disappointed as it was my first track day. I have supercorsas and even with the traction dialled right up and taking it easy I was still sliding on a few corners, it wasn't worth the risk considering there's no insurance.
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  9. Yeah I also went. I however had wets, and despite crashing at turn one in the 4th session, I had a great day. Riding in the wet (with wets, not road tyres) teaches you a lot about the bike and how to be smooth and how to understand what the bike is telling you. In my opinion, there's no better way to learn than to ride in the wet.

    Riding with supercorsas in the wet however is a pointless exercise. They operate in the same way slicks do, and thetread is only there to meet homologation for road use (required for world supersport), not to disperse any actual water.
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