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NSW SMSP 2016 Track Days

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by icemaker, Dec 11, 2015.

  1. Considering Im completely and hopelessly hooked on doing track days, I thought I would post up some dates in 2016 I would like to do in hope that we can get a netrider crew together to share garages, stories, etc.

    I had a great time sharing a garage on the 6th December with GeorgeOGeorgeO, LionzLionz, Senator17Senator17, POPEYEPOPEYE and Lozza (dunno if hes on here) and it would be awesome if we could do it again and possibly get a bigger crew together.

    Im hoping to get one day in every 2 months and some of the dates Im looking at are -
    30th Jan
    2nd or 3rd April
    5th June

    Happy change it up if it means a bigger crew.
    Get on it chaps!!

  2. These were the dates we were throwing around to tie in with GeorgeOGeorgeO

    Saturday January 30th (Preferable as PI is the start of the month). Although BugzR34BugzR34 wants Aussie day. Personally i'd prefer the Saturday.
    Sunday March 06th (will tie in with yours)
    Saturday March 26th (may drop this one out for the following week below - also F1 around this time which i'm supposed to go to)
    Saturday April 02nd (will tie in with yours)
    Saturday May 07th (will tie in with yours)
    Sunday June 05th (will tie in with yours)

    I'm trying to concentrate on Saturdays so we can have a few beers after and Sunday off. If you book and then need to cancel with +7 days notice it costs you $25 admin fee.
  3. I just touched down back from Perth so will dig up my planned track day calendar and confirm dates that we can all agree on during the weekend.

    I'm also keeping an eye on Marulan (2016 not yet online) and The Farm to see when these are available
  4. The farm?? Have they lowered their standards? I'd be in like flynn if it was on. Not to bothered about Marulan.
  5. Didnt know you can book in at the Farm, deffo let me know if you can!!
  6. It used to be if you'd done the training course aligned to it - which wasn't superbike school, or personal invite. That miserable fcuker Stoner has never invited me :(
  7. Bernie Hatton from Toprider has the connections. He sometimes gets a slot for a day
  8. Too early for me to plan next year's tack days yet. My first priority is CSS III. I'd definalty be interested in The Farm, also would like to do Wakefield Park.
  9. Okidoki. Looking at previous posts can we all agree on

    Sat 30 Jan
    Sun 6 March
    Sat 2 April
    Sat 7 May
    Sun 5 June

    I'm booked in on the Jan 30th yellow already. They have canceled the 9/10 Jan sessions due to planned track maintenance and moved me.
  10. Awesome I'll lock in the 30th jan and 2nd April tonight, as Xmas pressie to myself.
  11. Can I join the 2nd april one pls??? My birthday present to self ;)
    If I am back in Sydney ...
    Booking into the motodna ladeeees days as well :)
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  12. Only if we can swap Zeds for a session :sneaky:
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  13. That's good for me Georgie boy. I'll re-book this weekend's cancelled session (soooo pissed about missing that) for the 30th Jan and book the remainder later.

    Sat 30 Jan
    Sun 6 March
    Sat 2 April
    Sat 7 May
    Sun 5 June

    Good on you OldmaidOldmaid - another junkie in the making ;)
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  14. 30th Jan.......done!! :woot::woot:
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  15. LionzLionz - did you or Lozza leave a black front wheel stand behind at smsp? It was right next to the area where Bill's bike was? I have it.
  16. GeorgeOGeorgeO ..................... lifesaver!!!! Thanks Mate. I thought i must have unpacked the gear and left it Lozza's. It was the front stand from the Honda. I'd be in real trouble at PI without it - very much appreciated Mate.

    Also i've changed my booking to the 30th Jan, so count me and Lozza in and i'll book the rest later, i'll also get him to pick the stand up from you Saturday.

    I've emailed The guys at Stay Upright to reserve a garage for you on Saturday - I'll let you know the number when Andres gets back to me.
  17. Your garage is booked for Saturday fella's......... garage number 39.

    Have fun without me, w@nkers ;)
  18. Sorry to disappoint but I had to cancel this weekend's ride.

    We seem to be getting the keys to our new home this Friday, so guess what I'll be doing this weekend!
  19. Mate at least I have a decent excuse: being overseas.......................................................
  20. I could do it but then I'm sure the house will be locked when I get there.......