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N/A | National Smsp 19th July .

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Nick s1000r, Jul 7, 2016.

  1. Hi guys / girls,

    I'm doing my first smsp track day on the 19th July really looking forward to it.

    When you want to do a track day on your days off ( Tuesday/Wednesday ) but there is none going in your state what do you do ?

    Drive interstate to get your fix that's what you do lol :).

    Driving down Monday night arriving early hours Tuesday morning have a nap in car .
    Then ride all day and drive home after the track day sounds fun haha.

    Anyone else going??
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  2. Awesome effort, if it was on the 24th you wouldve found a bunch of us there. Enjoy Nick, and remember to turn at turn 1!
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  3. Some of us have to work......damn...
  4. Haha
  5. I'll be there on the 25th
  6. I've got the Monday off that week but not the Tuesday. I'm working this weekend, I'll talk to the boss and see what I can do, I've never done a track day before, let alone at eastern creek so would be great if I could make it there. I'll let you know Nick s1000rNick s1000r
  7. At least you have the 'full leather racing suit' box ticked on your track day prep list!
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  8. yep should be a blast, looking forward to seeing the Z carve it up! +26th here if anyone is doing CSS
  9. German mistressGerman mistress looks like tomorrows weather will be in your favour (y)
    Might even drop in if I can ;), do you have a garage number ?
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  10. I might be able to pop in for a few minutes also - hope the weather stays good for you!
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  11. On a side note chilliman64chilliman64 , Bill aka Senator mentioned that on CSS days spectators are not permitted :confused:
  12. they must have changed that because when I did Lvl 1 (ten or 12 yrs ago) two mates arrived separately and hung around for an hour or two - not in the pits or the training room but on the roof and out the back. they weren't denied access to the track or facilities.
  13. It may depend on who's at the gate.
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  14. you've done CSS 1+2 more recently than me so they probably have changed it to block visitors aka non-paying observers
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  15. #15 drzexa, Jul 19, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2016
    Was there yesterday, I now love EC, we drove up to Wodonga to do Murray valley training day on sunday then straight on to NSW sunday night. Then EC Monday. driving back to melb last night.
    the 8 plus hours home after two days on track wasn't* too bad.
    Hope you have a blast, its a rad track. :)
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