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NSW SMSP 02nd April

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Lionz, Feb 13, 2016.

  1. Looks like a decent crowd gathering for this one. Confirmed:

    Bugz & crew

    Looks like we'll have to have the whole garage! I'll book it nearer the time

    Anyone else in?

    If anyone riding there needs anything taken along (chairs/tools/bits'n'pieces) let us know and we'll bring it along.

    Also, Yellow group is now SOLD OUT. White and green still available - or red if you're that way inclined.

    Looking forward to it. Lionz.
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  2. Yiiihhhhhaaaaaaa!
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  3. Good crew indeed, damedidamedi?
  4. Andrew WestAndrew West ................ well?? Spaces left in white, chop, chop now
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  5. giving it serious consideration but after the move going out to buy a set of leathers might be pushing it some what !.
    Speak to GeorgeOGeorgeO because I think he might have a definite maybe from an attendee on todays ride.
  6. You can hire leathers there for the day. Around $75 I think.
  7. Come on Andrew WestAndrew West - I know you want to.........rent a pair.......
  8. Potentially GeorgeOGeorgeO. I'd absolutely love to take the new bike to the track (it's what it was born to do!), although I want to get a bit more strength in my left arm beforehand. Also this thing called the 'final exam' is looming over me , and it isn't going to pass itself unfortunately.

    I'll get back to you ASAP. :)
  9. No pressure doc - there's always a next time.
  10. Definitely. I really want to see what this bike (and me!) is capable of, and public roads really aren't the place. Too many Hyundais to crash into... ;)
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  11. Garage(s) applied for, will update details later once confirmed. Man, is it just me.......... seems like it's been a long, long wait for this one.
  12. BugzR34BugzR34 GeorgeOGeorgeO POPEYEPOPEYE icemakericemaker Listen up fella's, we're in...................

    Your garages are booked, you are garages 33-34.

    So two groups of 5 at least, currently. I've got friends from NZ coming in my car so will have limited space - unless they decide to take a bike there instead. So shout early if riders need extra seats taken and we'll see what we can do between car drivers.
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  13. Good stuff mate. If someone can bring a seat, great, but its not the end of the world. I saw some plastic ones floating about last time so I can knock off one of those. No dramas either way
  14. Sure Mate, will take what i can as extras. Georgie, can you throw some extra seats in?
  15. No worries - will take the 4 I have as well as the small table that was there last time.

    Should I bring my small portable fridge to keep the beer/soft drinks cold?
  16. Yes.................. and a leg of lamb, some fresh baguettes, various cheeses, mixed olives, mixed salad, large pork pie, pickles, cutlery and cheesecake.
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  17. I'm glad we have the same line of thinking.

    Some dancing girls would also go down nicely......
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  18. Isn't my dancing good enough anymore Georgie?
  19. Sorry to break this to you on a public forum but I don't like you in that way at all. Maybe try dancing for LionzLionz - he seems to like posh food and pickles....
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