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SMSing whilst driving

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by onetonnesam, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. This is going to be a bit of a self-righteous indignant post, but I need to tell this story, just to get some other people's perspective.

    Riding home from work, westbound on Sydney's Victoria Road during peak hour, I sat behind a hatchback where the driver was obviously typing an SMS on here phone. I thought it best to keep her in front of me rather than behind me, and travelled perhaps 3-5 kms behind her in this fashion. Driving way too slow, not keeping up with traffic, not exactly keeping in the confines of her lane.

    Get sick of it and overtake her in the kerbside lane (she has been travelling in the inside lane all the way) and pull up the red lights. She pulls up next to me. I look in the back seat and there is a toddler and a baby in that back. I can contain my righteous indignation no longer. She has her window down so I say "Excuse me, you shouldn't be using the phone whilst driving with your kids in the back."

    Her reply is a very arrogant and cold "Thank you".

    Lights change, I take off, a little pissed off, maybe I should have not said anything, but surely driving in Sydney is hazardous enough, without wanting to add additional risk?
  2. very cool, some people would have just reached in, turned off the phone, and tossed it back to her. :D
  3. Man i love laughing at these people as i point them out to myself/others if im driving.

    I make a game of it. It's "Who can spot the moron playing with their phone/gps/stereo the soonest?"

    Stereotypes are so true for this. It's always red/green p-plate women. I'm not even joking. They're the ones who are typing or fiddling away.

    The ones who are actually talking on the phone are everyone else, predominantly males/females aged 25+. It's like two hands are unnecessary for survival.

    However my favourite ones are still the ones who dont fiddle with anything and still can't drive competently. Like everyone in mosman.

    I'm sorry, but there's a graph which goes "the higher the amount of pretension in your suburb, the more of a knob you drive/look like"
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  5. Unfortunately, having nearly been taken out by a couple of young ladies while they were texting, if I was able to get my hands on the mobile I would probably break it in half and give it back to her, or throw it down the road.

    I don't advocate that action, but nearly being killed by these idiots tends to upset me.

    If they are just talking on the phone a bit of reving and/or the air horn can fix that.
  6. I've done a number of things in these situations.

    I've honked the horn and motioned for them to get off the phone (mostly responded to with some sort of single finger gesture)

    I've made it look like i'm getting the death wobbles while riding in front of them (most of the time they don't even look up to notice :roll:)

    I've tapped on the window and suggested that they get off the phone (usually works well unless its a bloke with a chip on his shoulder)

    and finally my favourite, seeing an unmarked cop car then having someone undertake me with the phone pressed to their ear and me signalling the cop to pull them over! :LOL: :twisted:

    The last one was the most effective, so if you do happen to be near a cop when you see the bad behaviour signal the plod, i'm sure they'll oblige you by pulling over the tossbag. :wink:

    and mums with their toddlers in the back are by far the most offensive of the offenders!
  7. I've seen people put their phone away in an instant when they glimpse my bike... Though it is an ex-police jobbie.
  8. I once had a guy weaving lanes and generally being stupid. At the lights he cracked the sh!ts at me for honking him after he nearly ran into my car. He also had kids in the back, probably around 10-12 years old.

    Since he wasn't being reasonable and all the windows on his car were down, I turned to the two boys in the back and said, "Guys, when you get home, tell Mummy that Daddy was being a dickhead."

    He went off tap so much he didn't even realise that the lights had changed and I was out of there.

    Wonder what Mummy thought of the whole thing.

  9. Nice! :LOL:
  10. except you need someone on the road to enforce this. Can't catch them on camera - yet
  11. Good work OP. I was driving alongside a young P plate girl who had been yapping on her phone the whole time I'd been near here and was driving all over the place (as in, trying to be the fastest in somewhat thick traffic, without any head checks and often not indicating).

    She had her window half way down so once we got on Eastlink, I got myself a spot right beside her and sat at 100 in 3rd, right up against her window. She changed away from me - rinse repeat about half a dozen times. In the end she got sick of the game and didn't put the phone down (probably didn't realise why I was doing it), so just went 90. I left her be after that but she never did speed back up afterward :p

    This is fantastic, because the kids would've done it and Daddy would've been in trouble :grin: