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SMS Spam

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by brownyy, Nov 20, 2009.

  1. Gawd damn, we've all seen those emails saying you have been picked as the receiver of some dead person overseas to colelct there 2 million pounds of estate or some s%&^. In email they are pretty easy to filter, no problems, in fact I usually reply with random crap to waste there time etc (scam baiter stuff).

    But this is new;

    Got this message sent to me a few moments ago;

    "You have been bequeathed by a dying philanthropist her estates and cash Sum of GBP 2,000,000.Contact angela.fenton@live.com for affirmation and guidance"



    Fukn hell, how do you block this s%^&?? Can you call your provider and report it as spam (which I doubt they'll even care about). Ideas?

    Anyone else had these?
  2. depending upon your phone you might be able to install software, or use built in "Blacklisting". Just think that's cost someone a pretty pound to send
  3. Put your mobile number on the do not call register it may or may not work.
  4. I think people who have two million pound estates to give away might be able to afford the fines. :p
  5. Interesting I just received an SMS from the same number (+447949867367), this thread cam up when I googled it... I put an ad in the trading post yesterday and the sms said,
    I looked up sify.com and it's some Indian site similar to ninemsn or such.

    I sent an email to the address from a secondary hotmail address not giving any details other than "what would you like to know"... no response yet.
  6. Just got a response, BTW my ad is for a 16 foot sailing boat...