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Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by rdkls, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. Hey, I was surprised by the number of people on our rides who smoke (it seems like a higher proportion than the general population) and was wondering if this applies to the motorcycling community in general ... or just our rides ... which would be strange ...

    Last HART course the instructor said "if anybody still smokes there's a section ..." ... addition of still made me laugh ...

    btw I used to smoke but quit, so now divide time between getting all self-righteous, trying to ban smoking in public and telling you how fcuking good I am
  2. I gave up years ago. I'm no longer a prisoner.
  3. Haven't had a ciggie for approx 12 years (have had the occasional cigar tho!!) :)
  4. Not so surprised to see older people still hooked... what makes me shake my head is the young idiots despite all we know about it still taking it up and thinking they look cool, yeah rebel against society all you want but in reality you are only harming yourself and the society you shunned will be nursing you in hospital while you cough your lungs up. How conformist they will look in a coffin with a tombstone the same as millions of others lol
  5. I do. I still enjoy it and will stop when I want to. I have stopped before - 7 years to be exact. If others dont like it thats fine, but it pisses me off when they feel the need to lecture me. It comes down to personal choice.

    There has been talk of quitting at home though and we have cut down. Maybe I will stop soon - when I am ready.
  6. Smoke what?
  7. Thats what I was thinking.

    Actually the real problems associated with smoking are down to mass produced cigarettes. DO NOT SMOKE THEM.

    It makes more sense to grow your own natural tobacco. Or the more whacky tobaccy varieties though thats for a different purpose.
  8. Good 'ol chop chop.

    Guess I should answer the thread question. I smoked in high school for a little bit, then worked out that if I sold my smoke for a grossly inflated price I could make a lot of money, so I quit.

    I don't have an issue with smokers with exceptions. Ones that think it's ok to light up in your house / car or the people that pretty much blow it in your face when walking past.
  9. ...and it would be my personal choice not to have my taxes fund treatments directly related to disease caused by smoking.

    but having said that I still think that babes still look so cool and sophistacated wiv a fag in their mouths..

  10. Smokers actually pay for their own health bills in taxes - with a fair bit left over.

    And yep, I smoke.
  11. And the revenue it provides should only be spent on amenities for smokers?
  12. Oh dear, another person who believes what the tabaco lobby tells them.
  13. Well 2up, seeing as you know everything there is to know about any given topic, how about you tell us exactly where the tax we pay on cigarettes goes?
  14. Personally I don't see the point behind smoking and find it a little hypocritical that governments go out about it being bad etc on one hand while on the other they continue to have it legal.

    If someone wants to smoke fine, it's none of my business.
  15. The same place all of our other taxes go. Overseas travel for politicians and arts funding.
  16. I try not to, can't help it when I'm pissed though. Haven't had one in weeks now, don't think about it unless I have a few drinks. If I could stop drinking then I could stop smoking. :grin:
  17. I do like this pic tho. Apparently it's genuine.

  18. The thing many of the oldest living humans were/are smokers.

    But for most of their life theyve smoked cigarettes free of the added poisonous crap you currently find in mass produced cigarettes.

    There is research to indicate benefits from smoking natural tobacco products.

    However, tobacco companies are no more than legalised drug dealers.

    Hemp smoking hippies FTW
  19. lol @ taxes convo

    should add HOW i quit was the allen car book "the easy way to stop smoking"
    if you're thinking about stopping, give it a shot, actually was pretty easy
  20. No, that was the government.

    And besides, if it was draining the system they would have just banned the shit years ago.