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Smoking whilst riding

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by DeepWater, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. anyone seen this before...

    i was coming home from work and there was this knob on a harley in front of me, next thing i notice was a puff of smoke coming from near his helmet, im thinking wtf. then he moves his hand down and i can see the cigarrette in his hand. that has to be the dumbest thing ive seen for awhile.

    i also showed him how a bike is meant to accerlate too, ;)

  2. Well it has been a few days since the last Harley thread :roll:

    Seen it dozens and dozens of times.

    How long you been riding? Couple of months :p
  3. Eh, if they get ash on their face they'll learn quick.

    What p1sses me off royally is when some prick in a car flicks their butt out the window and it hits my bike.
    I can see the little burst of sparks through the windscreen as it hits :evil:
  4. I've been in really dense traffic (as in, nobody is moving, no lane filtering possible) and seen a guy pull down a full faced helmet as far as it can go and have a quick smoke. Of course, as fate wills, the traffic decided to start moving in front of him...he must've forgotten what he was doing because he shut his visor without taking the smoke out.

    Made my commute much more enjoyable :).
  5. Re: smoking

    lol, nah ive been riding a few years, just never seen it. It's generally hard to see what the harley guys are actually doin when you mainly see them in your mirrors, but this was just hard to miss being right in front of me :p
  6. you know pretty soon the way laws are going down here, on your bike may be the only place you CAN have a quiet dart without bringing down the full force of the nanny state gestapo :LOL:
  7. look in to it.
    harley davidson actually have their own cigarettes (branded, made by some big tobacco company) and promote them as slower burning.
    a friend brought some back from america.
    i wonder where his ashtray was located? surely not the road because that would make him a tosser :LOL:

    disclaimer: i do not hate harleys nor will i get involved in anti-harley slagging
  8. When I was bike couriering I used to do it, (if you've got time to stand around and smoke somethings wrong) one of guys had a groove in his helmet to rest his smoke, another had a flip up helmet. I recommend wearing sunnies if anyone wants to try it :)
  9. Yes, saw a guy on a GSXR go past my work a couple of times in the city, riding one-handed while taking a drag, one near miss with a car door right in front of me. He just counter-steered and kept his cool and didn't lose the ciggy. I must admit, I was impressed.
  10. Good! :p
  11. Smoking's dumb anyway, on any bike......
  12. I only smoke cause I want to look cool and I reckon I look pretty damn cool on a bike. So therefore smoking + riding = ultra cool... :-({|= :rofl:
  13. i smoke because i'm no quitter... :? :LOL:
  14. Only time i've ever seen it was a security guard at work riding from the cafe inside the business park back to his station, cruising at 20 or 30 having a quick dart, hey its multitasking i guess..
  15. i've seen worse. I was visiting my parents in india. oh maann....I've seen people take off their open face helmets and talk mobile phones (not handsfree...the actual mobile to the ear) , using sms while trying to keep the bike in a straight line, eating fruit or it seemed like fruit.
  16. Shrug, I've done it a few times while riding. No biggy.

    Normally I light up while the Beemer is warming up. Sometimes I get bored, and hop on and ride away.

    I smoke rollies, so no environmental damage from dumping the butt :)

    (Flip-face helmet).
  17. I don't think it would be possible in a full face helmet. Might have to try that one days in heaps of traffic.
  18. and the Harley rider said: He sure can accelerate but he can't smoke while riding.... :p
  19. I think you guys just need to get a life

    you obviously don't have one , to come up with this drivel ..

    Hopoefully the next Harley rider will step off his bike and shove his smoke up ya A $$$$
    then you'l have a story to telll

    :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
  20. The only knob here is you.