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Smoking radiator on Hyosung GT650 efi

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by thetrumpetplayer, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Hi guys & gals,
    I'm riding a 2011 Hyosung GT650 efi and just had a weird one the other day:

    - Rode home slowly in awful traffic and rain (damn Sydney) but when I got home and parked the bike in the garage, I noticed a stream of sweet white smoke coming out of the front of the radiator (the bike is liquid cooled). The bike temp was normal, no warning lights...

    - Thought it might be low on coolant, so I topped it up, but it really didn't need any...

    - Took the seat off and checked the coolant reservoir, which was also fine...

    Any ideas? Or not worth worrying about?

  2. wasn't steam was it???
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  3. Normal operating temp in traffic will be over 100 degrees, which will boil water, which creates steam. If it's only happening in the rain then it's a non issue.
  4. When I had my old Hyo it did the same thing - It's the water hitting the radiator which is at boiling temp. Nothing to worry about unless it continues to happen when it isn't raining.
  5. I wasn't concerned, thinking it was steam also, but I got my nose nice and close and it was very smokey, not steam. It's only happened in rain so far (as it only ever rains non-stop in Sydney). ?
  6. It's a very new bike. Are you sure that what you could smell wasn't just the standard "paint baking on" that you get from newish machinery and that the steam wasn't just coincidental?
  7. I'm not sure. It's done just 2500 clicks, so the engine is effectively run in, so I'm still not sure, but thanks!
  8. If it is in rain only it is likely just rain steaming off from the heat of the engine. If so, no drama.
  9. Chef said burn the bike and see if it smells the same
  10. It'll be just water steaming on the surface of the radiator. Take into consideration that the radiator surface temp is probably around 90+ degrees and the water fairly cold, soon as it hits it'll evaporate.
    I have exactly the same thing happend in my car, in slow traffic on cold days and rain there is a significant amount of steam coming off the bonnet. Extended idle times get the supercharger hot in turn heating the bonnet.

    I'd say it's pretty normal.
  11. There is road crud and whatnot mixed in with the stream which gives it that burning smell.
    Don't worry about it.
  12. thanks for all the responses guys, safe riding!
  13. probably some water collecting somewhere on the bike,

    as soon as you put the kickstand down and parked the bike (putting it on an angle) the water probably moved onto something hot.