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Smoking Banned in all NSW National Parks

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by The12thDoctor, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. WTF!
    Either I've been living under a rock (happens sometimes), or this one slipped through without much fanfare.

    No smoking in national parks | NSW National Parks

    "From 1 May 2016 the smoking ban applies to all parks, with some exceptions.

    It applies to picnic areas, campgrounds, accommodations, beaches, lookouts, walking tracks, and on national park roads. The ban doesn't apply to some commercial lease or licence areas, or to private residences located within a park."

    I wholeheartedly agree with the premise of reducing litter, discarded butts p**s me off no end but, FFS!

    NSW, the State run by your 90 year old spinster aunt who's never enjoyed a day in her life. She's absolutely destroyed Sydney's nightlife and is determined to show all us sinners the errors of our ways.

    How much of our freedom are we prepared to surrender to the Puritans?

    Motorcycle riding is also dangerous. How long before She decides we need to be "protected" from that too?
  2. Just vape man, it's the only way to go
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  3. Tricky one to handle, its going a similar way in QLD, as a smoker myself I understand it, it is a filthy habbit, but if you move away from other people and chuck your butt in a bin, I don't see why it has to blanket banned as such
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    I'm not a smoker and I can see where this might reduce fire risk but it seems excessive and almost unenforceable. And I might add, a good example of why putting rules and regulations ahead of practicality never leads to improved outcomes.
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  5. I agree that it's probably more about fire risk than littering and health.

    Yes; it's more nanny state shit.

    Yes; it's unenforceable. Shit, I've seen people smoking on trains this year. If they can't enforce that, how are they going to enforce it in a National park.

    Yes; I think they are angling towards banning motorcycles. Maybe individual consciouness hasn't gone there yet, but the collective public service and political consciouness is heading that way.

    Lastly, maybe it's a one more excuse to quit.
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  6. 'vape' ? Is that the electronic ones (ex smoker so don't know the lingo these days haha).
    FYI there was a doco on SBS about electronic ciggies last night but I missed it, will have to check it or on catch up.
  7. Yep. Huge business these days.
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  8. So they haven't made cigarettes illegal, but they have made it illegal to smoke them just about everywhere.

    I gave up the smokes 4 years ago, so I'm a bit behind on the rules now - exactly where can you smoke?
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  9. Thin end of the wedge...
  10. lectronic? Maybe this...
  11. Good, can't wait until they ban it in public everywhere. Filthy reched habit.
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  12. For the 'good of the people hurt by smoking' no doubt...

    Just remember that when they use the same 'logic' to ban motorbikes :(
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  13. harder to start fires with a motorbike..
    and I've yet to meet a motorbike owner that abandons 50 motorcycles per day....

    because smokers often don't chuck butts in the bin.. and often don't stub them out before throwing them on the ground, in a bush, at your motorcycle, or in a bin with flammable material...
    oh, and convincing smokers to change their habit with a rational argument? LOL :p

    was pretty good.
    Cliff notes (+ extrapolation):
    vaping as good as patches for reducing cravings, but you have a toy to play with so is easier psychologically.
    reduces CO2 in your bloodstream as much as quitting/patches.
    can damage your lungs, but not as much as smokes.
    slows the lungs recovery from ciggies, and potentially harming as well.. better than smoking, worse than quitting...

    the big IF, is with the different flavours.. most have not been tested for their effects on lung tissue. we'll probably find out in 10 or years if some are actually bad for you..

    oh, and the nicotine solvents are things like Glycerine and Propylene Glycol.. they go in your lungs (and make the cool-kids smoke you blow out.
    Ethylene glycol is the stuff in anti-freeze... :p
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  14. If you're a bureaucrat then you're going to be more concerned with seeming to care about the 'death toll' (makes for good sound bites).

    And Mr Cratty would say something like "well we banned smoking everywhere and justified that by saying that smoking kills' and we already say 'speed kills' and we need a new campaign or we'll get down sized... so lets go with restricting motorcycle use everywhere we can get away with, because motorbikes kill.

    And he'll use the previous views of people on 'similar issues' to justify it.

    And again... I'm saying this as a NON SMOKER.
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    so glad you people aren't bureaucrats... you'd ban everything with that thinking...

    and for some reason, motorcycles aren't banned... and neither are cancer-causing fire-starting cigarettes.. you just can't use them in certain locations...
    just like you can't use motorcycles in government buildings or on footpaths.. ermagwd.. they're already banning motorcycles! :p

    Can cigarette butts start bushfires? - Fire and Rescue NSW
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  16. Smokers responsible for increase in Adelaide house fires

    Smoking inside your own house isn't banned.. and in SA they have around 150 house fires per year started by cigarettes :p
    if people can't deal with them in their OWN HOUSE (and set their houses on fire), why would we expect people to deal with them responsibly in a national park, where they can just walk (or run) away?

    the law will not work, except for the occasional crackdown....

    and then they'll ban motorcycles... thin end of the wedge people!
  17. They're already restricting motorcycle use.

    In the 70s they made helmets compulsory and some stopped riding.
    In the 80s they made drinking and riding impossible and more stopped riding.
    In the 90s they made speeding so expensive that more stopped riding.
    In the 00s they made modified bikes and loud exhausts so difficult to keep legal that more stopped riding.
    In the 10s they made learners wear flouro vests and less started riding.

    They've just about managed to make it impossible to get a new air cooled motor through pollution and noise regulations and when they do a whole lot of people will ride until their current rides are dead and then stop.

    It's not about banning, it's about making it so difficult and regulated that numbers drop.
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  18. maybe we should stag a demonstration?

    invite all the learners in Victoria get blind drunk, wear no hi-vis or helmet, and ride at high speed on non-LAMS bikes with loud exhausts around and around the parliament building until the silly pollies finally understand that it is perfectly safe to do so! :)

    if people are so petty that they stop riding if they have to wear a helmet and be sober.. they aren't real motorcyclists ;) (They're fashion victims :p )

    what part of your list makes it "difficult" to ride or learn to ride a motorcycle?
    (you can still smoke while riding a motorcycle.. just not in national parks in NSW )
  19. It's already restricted in Victoria if your house is an apartment and banned inside your car if you have kids and banned at workplaces and bus stops and train stations and restaurants and inside hotels and at various sporting grounds and it's getting more and more banned. They're already looking at banning smoking inside houses where kids live.

    How long before you can only ride your bike wearing flouro ATGATT at 0.00% alcohol? Seriously?

    Because If they make flouro gear compulsory I'm out.
  20. so should all children of smokers also be made to smoke, help Darwin along a bit? from what age?

    how many tradies have gone "Fk it, if I have to wear hi-vis, I'm not gonna go to work any more"??
    maybe,, none?

    btw this ban has been coming since at least 2014..
    Smoking banned in NSW national parks

    Smoking is to be banned in NSW national parks, the state government has announced.
    Environment Minister Rob Stokes said the ban would lessen the risk of bushfires and reduce litter.

    Seven billion cigarette butts are dropped in Australia every year and as well as looking unsightly, they contain hazardous chemicals such as arsenic and lead, which can then leach into the environment.
    Wildlife can also eat cigarette butts.

    Making the announcement on Sunday, Mr Stokes said the ban would apply to picnic areas, campgrounds, beaches, lookouts, walking tracks and national parks roads.
    "The NSW government is serious about reducing fire risk and littering in NSW, and this move will reduce litter and help to keep communities safer," he said in a statement.

    "We have 860 national parks in NSW which protect our most beautiful and most popular natural areas.
    "We want to make sure they are safe and healthy for everyone."

    The move comes after Police and Emergency Services Minister Stuart Ayres recently announced that the penalty for littering lighted cigarettes had doubled from $330 to $660.
    The fine has also risen from $660 to $1320 if someone discards a lit cigarette on a total fire ban day.