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Smoking Baby (Just 2 years old) for real..

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by ResmeN, May 26, 2010.

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  2. I'm staggered :(
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  4. ..very, very sad to see!!..... :-s
  5. I'm speechless.....

    Not sure where in the world it was but what a terrible thing.
    I'd like to think in Aus, a parent would have their child removed for such a thing.
  6. That is terrible. How could the parents even let a kid of that age touch a smoke.
    He started smoking at 18 months and his father doesn't see an issue as the kid looks healthy
    Here's another video of a different kid
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  8. Have a feeling there may have been some community backlash about this video as it's been removed..... Not suprised there....
  9. I use IE, but on work computer. Who knows?
  10. I also used IE at work to open it and no dramas. The kids got some serious attitude.
  11. What? You're kidding... He's only 2!..
    Don't think attitude is the right word... problems is more like it....
    Hang the adults around him I say.....
  12. The attitude is that he is only a baby and yet his actions while smoking are like an adults. The adults aren't to blame if they haven't been educated to know not to allow their baby to have ciggys.
  13. yes they are. Even if they don't know its wrong/bad, its still their fault he's smoking.
  14. Doubt it's attitude - throwing the tantrums when not given the smokes sounds more like addiction. His body is craving therefore he throws a tantrum.

    Sad situation :(
    On the second draw i saw u bum puffing, mate thats cheating pick ur game up
  16. The parent(s) should be shot. This is just disgusting.
  17. RE: to the Indonesian boy..
    I love the way he exhales onto the burn side if the ciggarette.. bloody elite!!
    Next thing you know he'll be blowing out rings!!