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Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by cbr1000_racing, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. Hey all

    Had a guy tonight pull next to me on his bike along the Monash, between Jacksons Rd and Stud Rd, telling me I had smoke coming from my bike??? I pulled over he kept going, no smoke. Hmmmm....bizaar, maybe just wet road splashing up on my exhaust.....if not, anyone got any ideas ( 4700 kms, 07 CBR1000RR )


  2. Probably just steam coming off the motor/exhaust. Either that or he wanted to get in front of you. :LOL:
  3. yeah...but we had been swapping positions in the queue all the way from city...and when he did come up beside me, he cam from the far right lane all the way to far left....i pulled over in emergency lane and got off..revved the s**t outta it...no smoke, oil level good...so i dont know...
  4. ooops...not like a car...still on "running in oil "...change coming up tomorrow
  5. my gsxr600 smokes (moreso steams) at stop lights in rain. Water from the tank/ spun up from the front wheel ends up on the headers making it look like the bike has busted a radiator hose.
  6. yeah...and my mirrors cop it too!!
  7. Mind me asking...

    What could go wrong with a new Honda...I mean....HONDA :grin:
  8. Knowing hondas it's probably some electrical bit that's about to let go.