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Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by es, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. Smoking while driving -

    yesterday, was riding round
    wait, yesterday was tuesday. I was riding round on monday.
    So anyway, was riding round the other day, went to st kilda to visit a friend...
    On punt road got hit by a flying cigarette butt!!!!!!!!!! hit my helmet then bounced off my tank onto the asphalt.

    Guess i was lucky - what if it had landed on my seat? OUCH!

    anyone else had simmilar problem? this was my first smoke christening, but its something ive wondered about for awhile.

    heh, was thinking about advertising campaigns on the way home - "We dont like your butts in our faces"

  2. lol - nice slogan!!

    Two weeks ago, someone travelling in the lane next to me and a little in front of me flicked their butt & it flew back & hit my leg - hurt quite a bit actually. Never been clobbered in the face though.
  3. well some of us dont :p :LOL: (esp if its the oppisite sex )
  4. I have heard similar stories from many on here. I think Groberts springs to mind! ;)

    I think a law should be passed forcing all smokers to ride motorcycles so that this doesn't happen. :LOL:

    Either that or force them all to smoke Rollies! That way it will have gone out b4 it hits you. :LOL:
  5. yeah on the way back i had another close encounter. it was peak hour so splitting a bit, and this guy stuck his arm out the window just as i was going past... almost copped a stab of a ciggarette. ouch!
  6. Well it is illegal to do and fines can be imposed!!
  7. Just keep one of your jacket pockets full of cigarette butts. Then next time a driver throws one out the window pull alongside and chuck a handful in their car - see how they like it :LOL:.
  8. nice idea jd :D Im setting up a "smokers tin" ouside my place ASAP :D
  9. "Im very sorry if she tipped anyone off about your cunningly conceled heard of cows. "

  10. Yeah I get real annoyed at people chucking butts out windows so I've been tempted to try the idea myself. Used to have a neighbour that bugged me by backing out of their driveway into the middle of the court where I lived, and emptying their car ashtray onto the street. So I started collecting their butts and putting them in their letterbox, they soon stopped :D .
  11. lol nice one
    yeah this idea is growing on me for sure. But dont want my pockets smelling like ashtrays.
    Film canister maybe?
  12. http://www.epa.vic.gov.au/Litter/default.asp

    Litter and the Law
    Under Victoria's Environment Protection Act 1970, littering is illegal.
    The Act authorises EPA, local government, police and other litter enforcement agencies to take action against offenders.
    These agencies generally issue 'on the spot' fines, although the matter may end up in court.

    Reporting Litterers
    You can report someone throwing litter from a car to EPA by:
    • Registering and submitting a litter report online
    • Filling out an EPA Litter Report Form (Adobe PDF file, 398K8) and returning it to the address specified on the form or
    • Contacting the EPA Litter Report Line on 1800 35 25 55 (available 24 hours) and having a report form mailed to you to fill out.
    You need to take note of the:
    • Vehicle registration
    • Make and model of the vehicle
    • Time and place that the offence was committed
    • Type of litter that was deposited.
    When a litter report is fully completed, EPA will issue the offender with a fine corresponding to the type of litter.

    You are able to report littering from cars to your local council, by providing them with the same details.
  13. What if I just don't like you, and simply lie?
  14. When I had my first bike a few years ago, I was riding past a clapped out old Falcon and pulled out to pass as they decided to empty their ashtray out the window.

    Had to pull over very very quickly and almost got cleaned up by the car who was sitting on my backside!

    Luckily turned out to be no damage but when I looked around I noticed one was actually still lit!
  15. 'Tis illegal to throw butts out of the window in NSW, too, and a call to the EPA can result in action on the driver.
    As to what happens when they seek to enforce the action, I don't know, I don't have any friends who actually smoke and I've not met anyone who's been reported....
  16. My auntie got reported after an altercation with a woman in a car park. Only thing was, she doesn't smoke in the car... She had a fine sent in the mail and called the EPA and explained the situation, her options were to pay the fine or sign a statutory declaration stating that she doesn't smoke in the car and that the report was harassment. After she did that, the EPA dropped it. Time and money down the drain all the same, however.

    My mate Ben was riding with his visor up one day and had a lit butt flicked out the window that landed INSIDE his helmet. Almost crashed pulling the bike up to get the helmet off and getting it out, burned the lining of the helmet and his head. He took it well, I would have been absolutely furious.

  17. It is also illegal to throw butts out in California. In fact, the only items sanctioned in the California Vehicle Code as those which can be legally discharged from a vehicle is clear water and feathers from live birds.

    Thought for the day there.
  18. And small to medium caliber, center-fire ammunition..........