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smoked this guy at the lights ( ice cube )

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by wang chung, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. So there i was lookin like hot shit as per usual, when some riced out lancer came up to me at the lights.
    Im like... ni**a plz

    then i took off and smoked that biatch,
    in true torque style.
    Ice Cube would of been so proud of me...
    One of his greatest songs was -
    Ice Cube - Check Yo Self
    the man from NWA,

    anyone ever see him live?
    Would be pretty badass

  2. I thought Iced Cube was an Aprilian MotoGP bike (now retired to the annals of history). j/k

    Words of the Mofu.
  3. i watched torque last nite , how do you do burnouts anyhows
  4. loser :p
  5. Amazing!!

    A sports bike that blasted a 1500cc riced out Lancer.

    Makes me recall the time I ran a V6 VX commo on my old XV250, and beat him - bit of a valve bounce never hurt a Virago
  6. You smoked a Lancer? :oops:

    I am embarassed that you even wasted the fuel to prove something so meaningless. :roll:

    "I smoked a GT3 Porsche" ..................that has some credibility :p
  7. You could've given them a little bit of a chance and taken off in 2nd or 3rd :LOL:
    But yeah smokin fully siks rules :LOL:
  8. Haven't seen him live.

    I did see this bloke live though, played with his band The Syndicate first and then they left the stage and he introduced the other members of Bodycount.

    Was pretty badarse.

  9. If you were on a zzr250, thats cool, but if the zx9, its a hands down winner. (Ricers who put $3000 mags on but still run stock everything... idiots)

    And torque is to motorcycles what fast and furious is to cars.... OMG FUlly Sik!!11!!!! Bullshit.
  10. [img:339:281:eb4a3fb22a]http://www.encyclopediadramatica.com/images/3/3a/Niger.jpg[/img:eb4a3fb22a]
  11. I remember some young bloke in his evo wrx with the plates, get this, evo48u ave a go at me at the lights, which is odd, since all I saw in my side mirror was the front end of his car getting smaller, or the times ive smoked away gt falcons, a $7k bike blowing away a $50k car, awesome! when will them cagers learn.
  12. What so many bike riders don't seem to understand is that some cagers actually think it's *fun* to drag. Who cares if the falcon can't beat your bike, the guy probably enjoyed the drag and was well impressed by just how much quicker your bike is. When I was a teenager in a fully sick VK commodore, I'd run every bike I could because it was awesome to get smoked by a well tuned machine screaming its tits off and sometimes even doing so on one wheel. I never thought I could win, but I thoroughly enjoyed losing.

  13. [img:1275:1650:d965cd31b4]http://www.firesafetycouncil.com/english/pubsafet/images/carelesseng.jpg[/img:d965cd31b4]
  14. Yes your quite right with that, I was just havin a bit of raff thats all :grin: that might explain why the dude in the wrx was giggling like a school girl afterwards....didnt think of it that way.
  15. Were they really racing you or you were just racing against yourself?
  16. I do believe they where havin a good fang at me, particulary that guy in the rex who insisted that he follow several miles to a set of lights.
  17. Yes sir_b, in my case you're right. I do that sometimes when caging. With R6's especially. I never think I can win, it's just fun seeing the rocket take off :) I hate the thought that the rider probably thinks I'm an idiot for "even trying" to race him, but it's worth it. :)