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Smoke... scottoiler?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Mr Messy, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. Hey dudes hows life?!?
    Got a quick question for those who use scottoilers or similar.

    I fitted mine a while back and love it. The chain is nice and lubed, and im pretty sure i have it sitting on the right setting. Also, now that its finally stopped raining ive been able to take the time to look my bike over after going for a ride, and i noticed some smoke coming out from the lower left side (pretty much where the sprocket cover is).

    Now i havent taken the fairings off to see if there is a leak present on the engine - last i did was about 3 weeks ago to stick some new plugs in - there was no evidence of a leak then, and I suspect that the smoke is excess lube from the chain getting splashed round in the front sprocket housing.

    Do others with scottoilers experience this? Perhaps im oozing a bit much lube on the chain?

    P.S. I tried the search function...
  2. Haven't had it happen yet, and I've probably got mine set a bit high too. As I don't clean bikes, things get a bit mucky, but it cleans off easily enough and everything stays nicely corrosion free.

    I'd say it's more likely to be water or condensation getting warm for the first time. Could be wrong though.
  3. Nah i can tell the difference. It is indeed the oiler causing it. I pulled the fairings off today to check after i got back and it was smoking a little. Basically with the position of the pipes on the zzr250, the sprocket cover is just in the right spot to channel anything that happens to get in there straight onto the left pipe.

    Its no biggie now i know what it is for sure.

    Yes, my chain still looks as new as when i had a new one (and sprockets) put on 3000km ago. After the first little adjustment as the chain settled in (200km later), and i havent touched it since except to give it a clean every 1500km or so.
  4. After 15,000 km with mine, I'm certainly convinced. One chain adjustment as the bike was running in and otherwise untouched. That's with long travel suspension, a big single and fairly violent throttle use, all things that wear chains fast.
  5. I have over 80,000K with a scottoiler and have never had that happen. In the wet you might run setting 5 and in the dry around 3. Any more and there will be excess on the chain which will build up on surfaces around the chain.

    It will get to a stage where the excess then runs off. If that means onto the exhaust, then yes there will be smoke.
  6. Can't really complain.
  7. Good stuff :p.
    Just another quickie (quickies are good).

    Ive noticed since i installed the oiler (it should be noted that it had also just been to a kwaka dealer for the new chain and sprockets, and i dont entirely trust them, plus i filled up the tank on the day, so fuel quality might be an issue?) that i have a little trouble cruising at say 80kph in 6th gear. The bike tends to pull back a little and i can hear the carbies sound like they are starving for fuel for maybe 1/10th of a second, every 3 or 4 seconds.

    When you lot installed the oiler, what vacuum line did you use? I used the only 8mm pipe i had which is the one to the petcock - i suspect that might be the cause of the slightly ill running. That said, scottoiler say that they wont affect performance at all - i checked for vacuum leaks and found none, but did some sealing around the T piece all the same.

    Im going to put a new vacuum line in there without the oiler attached and see if its the problem.
    If so, would there be enough vacuum to open the oiler valve if i were to drill a small hole in the airbox on the intake side of the filter, and put the little bronzed nipple into there? Thoughts? Or will i just have to try it and see :D.
  8. You sure it's not just the effect of trying to lug an engine with a 14,000 rpm redline?

    If not, it's possible you have a vacuum leak, although if you installed the Scottoiler carefully using the tee provided, it's unlikely to be solely responsible. Unless the oiler is faulty I s'pose, but that's moderatly unlikely and easy to test. Suck on the vacuum line to the oiler. You shouldn't be able to suck any ore air through once the oiler valve has opened.

    I used the fuel tap vacuum line, as recommended in the instructions and using the hardware provided.

    No, you won't get enough vacuum from the airbox.
  9. Yeah mate it was running sweet before i put the oiler on... but as ive said above a few other things have happened too between the times ive actually given it a good ride before and after :p.
    Im going to the auto store in a sec to get a new vacuum line - im getting two lengths so that i can try it without cutting the line first, and then put the oiler on the new line.
  10. Hows the oiler coming along? Still smoking etc?

    I just got a scott oiler put in last week too but as I'm not mechanical I took it to a local bike shop to do it and they put it on. I went for a saturday ride recently and as it was raining adjusted the dial (silly me) than it happily emptied all the oil in its reserve over the course of a few days. It shouldn't have done this so I took it back to the shop and they gave me a bike to ride back to work. They adjusted a few things, topped the oil back up all the way and all at no charge.

    Everythings working as it should now. If you can't figure it out may I suggest take it to a bike shop that specialise in installing scott oilers.
  11. Haha bad luck Ahmed.
    The smoke was fine, just the excess dripping onto my pipe header.

    I honestly cant get my hands at the side of the carbies, so im going to look around town for a japanese guy tomorrow and pay him $50 to borrow his small hands and change the hose for me. Will see how it runs with a new hose and without the oiler. If it runs fine well i guess ill look at some other way of making the oiler work :p.
  12. Finally i had time today (i wouldnt wish my work schedule on my enemies 8-[).
    Replaced the vacuum line and left the oiler off... still pulls back.
    So i put the oiler back in line and have booked the bike in for a carby clean, balance and tune, and a valve check/adjustment.

    Guess the oiler wasnt at fault for that either :p.

    Its making a mess of my bike - i just cant seem to find a sweet spot where im happy with the setting, and frankly i prefer a bit much to not enough. The only really messy spot is the top of my swingarm, and i can get to that readily enough to clean it.
  13. Yeah, I doubt if it's possible to get enough oil through to do the job without getting at least a bit of fling. Personally I like my bikes to be caked in crap. Noone wants to brush up against them, let alone steal them and I'd rather ride than clean. Anyway, it keeps rust at bay and cleans off easily enough to reveal perfect, bright metal and paint.