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Smoke coming from front end

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by nina, Jun 30, 2012.

  1. I was just on my way home from practice and took my exit off the highway. Being stopped at the red lights there, I noticed smoke coming out of the front end!!
    Holy crap I thought, bending down to see where it came from exactly, only to get honked at from behind because the lights had changed. So I quickly crossed the section and pulled over. By then there was no sign of smoke anymore.

    The bike didn't sound funny, didn't behave funny, didn't smell (no burnt smell). All I had seen was that smoke coming out of both sides from an area close to the bottom part of the radiator. The roads were wet, so when I 'inspected' it I saw some bits of water - all wet parts were in line with the wheel though, so it didn't look suspicious. Nothing looked burnt, nothing smelled burnt, I couldn't see anything out of order. Of course it was hot there, due to the bike being warm.
    So I turned the engine on and let it idle. Nothing extraordinary happened.

    In the end I decided to carefully go home, while trying to keep an eye on the area down there. The short ride home wasn't exciting: bike behaved like always, still no burnt smell, no additional smoke.

    What was that?! It scared me like hell and I have no idea what it was!
    Since it didn't smell I had the suspicion that it was only water that got to a particularly hot part and evaporated. But I never had that happen before, that's not normal. But what else would cause that much 'smoke' (it seemed to me like a hell lot of it) without smelling like anything? I can't think of anything else but steam... How should I proceed from here?
    Any help is appreciated!
  2. Evaporating water probably. It is a very wet morning... Water flicking onto exhaust headers and such... Water evaporating causing the steam/smoke you saw... It wouldn't be visibly whilst rising obviously.
  3. Water vapour XD
  4. Yes, sounds a lot like steam and not smoke. Hopefully the moisture is from the weather, but it's worth checking how much coolant you have now. If there's less than there should be, it could be leaking, and that wouldn't be good. You want to avoid overheating. I don't suppose you noticed if the temperature guage was higher than normal?
  5. as above, water on a hot radiator or exhaust will cause steam not smoke. Nothing to worry about.
  6. its from that new oil pan its got a huge crack in it and you oil is vapourising on contact with the air or,,,,, its steam from the rain good luck monday
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  7. Checked the temperature when I pulled over was normal.

    I'll check the coolant level to make sure that that's OK. Thanks for the tip guys!

    I thought it would have to be steam as there was no smell, but that much? Why have I never had any steam before when on wet roads? That question confuses me... I have no answer to that at all.

    Oh shut up Greg, my oil pan is fine :p Thanks :)
  8. Also that rumbling noise you hear when you twist the throttle, that's just combustion in your engine. Don't worry, perfectly normal.

    Good luck on Monday.
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  9. Sometimes I disappear into a cloud of steam when sat at lights on my Street Triple - get some concerned looks from neighbouring cars.

    Nothing to worry about as has been said.
  10. My bike doesn't rumble unlike yours :p
    Besides, I'm a girl - I'm allowed to ask stupid questions. Especially if it's about a bucked load of steam suddenly coming from my bike!

    Thanks, I'll need the luck. Could be that I find out my bike slows down when pulling the right hand lever in and then I don't dare to ride it there cause I think I broke it ;)
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  11. Yup, sounds like you've been caught out like I have before. Seen a heap of 'smoke' coming up from the front to realise that it was really steam off the exhaust....
  12. It was an epiphany.....sorry smashed......again ??? But it could have been :)
  13. It was a bit of a "cute" question (I'd say that if you were a boy, too).
    Don't worry about smart-arse dickheads...

    Go the Spada!
  14. Yes or a border collie or a fluffy sheep
  15. if you spent more time in the kitchen like a good woman,
    would be more familiar with what steam is.
  16. Is that all it takes to be a 'good women'? - you guys are so easily pleased.....
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  17. not really.
    a whole host of criteria needs to be met with dutiful compliance.
    but knowing how to prepare a decent meal is a good start.
  18. Hmm... tips on how to be a good woman in a motorcycle forum? Interesting.

    Still doesn't answer my question why I've never seen any steam when riding in the wet. Then one day there's a hell lot of water suddenly evaporating. And no, I wasn't standing in a very deep puddle...
    I do understand that whilst riding I won't see it. But not having seen any steam at all while being stopped at a traffic light, and then so much, is quite confusing.
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  19. Just guessing, but if it's raining the steam is probably condensing again pretty quickly - this would explain why you don't see it then?
  20. brakes

    its more down to luck though.