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Smithy's back from Thailand

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Smithy, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. I'm lucky enough to be going to Thailand for the first time, and I wanted advice or suggestions on things to do & go see.

    We're be going to Patong Beach (Phuket) & Bangkok so far, and plan to get some diving in, a ping-pong show, tiger temple and maybe the odd day trip somewhere. But I'm keen to know what else is a 'must see' or 'must do' in Thailand.

    Any suggestions from those who have been there, would be appreciated.


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    Bit exciting isn't it? :grin: I'm going there in January...

    Check out the top of Thailand (golden triangle) lots of great riding through there! Also 'monkey city' is apparently a great place to visit out of novelty I'm still not sure on it's exact location but couldn't be hard to find.


    I've been told by many dress down (ie don't have your camera hanging around your neck) and if you buy ANYTHING on the street other than food do it discretely or you'll find yourself surrounded. Also haggle, you're not local and you came over with money - they want as much as they can get out of you.

    If you've got a little extra dosh and you're interesed in track days maybe check out Highside Tours www.highsidetours.com . You can find a few vids on youtube of the track. They provide bikes/gear/etc but they recommend you take your own helmet. While your more likely to hit a car pulling out of a driveway - just make sure your insurance covers you incase you stack it real good.

    There's a million things to do in Thailand but these are the main ones that I can remember. Enjoy your trip and stay safe!
  3. I've done a few tours.

    Other than eat and drink and the occasional beach visit I don't know that Thailand has anything to offer ;)

    I was always smashed ;)
  4. They have a system over there for testing the size of foreigners' bollocks: you have to rent a scooter and go riding for a day. It's absolutely hysterical fun.
  5. Dude !
    If you see a chic with nicely scuptured knee caps and slight adams apple - first ask if its pre or post op before anything else !
  6. Definately go on a day tour to Phi Phi island, very very worth it. Most of the day tours include a trip to Phi Phi Lae island, monkey island, lunch, transport on speed boat, and visit to Phi Phi Don Island.

    Also if you liked james bond movies, take a day trip up there, very worth it!
  7. If u find yourself at phi phi island, book in the tour called "beach camping" at phi phi lei. (eg "the beach" from the leondardo dicaprio movie) waking up on the beach b4 all the tourist boats arrive was awesome. there is up to about 20 people on a boat, u go to phi phi lei in the afternoon , watch the sun set, eat dinner , set up sleeping bags and soak up the beauty of the place.. next day u leave early in the morning and on the way back to phi phi you can jump off some cliffs. woo. also get some bikes in chiang mai and if ur not gonna ride at least do a day trip up doi sutep.
  8. They can fix the Adams apple so basically, any chick with fake tits be wary, especially if they're unbelievably hot.

    I'm going back in Nov. Love the place.

    Can't forget the very essence of Thailand, Muay Thai. Go see the fights in Bangkok at the famous Lumpinee stadium. You could even do a private lesson at one of the training camps over there. Lol, I sound like a brocure.
  9. Thanks guys, I plan to hire a scooter in Patong, and see how long I last...LOL.

    I plan to be pertually drunk, sunburnt, well fed, do some diving, the odd island tour & maybe throw in a ping pong show for a learning experience.

    Cat, that High Sided Tours track day thing looks great. Going to Thailand with the wife to have some fun & relax, and do a track day... Sounds like a bloody good idea to me, and it's fairly well priced too. Thanks for that. (my wife will kill me when i tell her).
  10. :woot:

    We're going there too at the end of next month! Can't wait, it's going to be so much fun. First we're staying in Bangkok, after that off to Krabi, Phi Phi Island and finally Phuket.

    We're going to shop, sunbathe, get pampered, hire jet ski's, go rock climbing, you name it!

    I'm heaps keen to go here http://www.yourkrabi.com/krabi-hot-springs.php

  11. If you do Go riding out n about in city area.. please wear your gears. drivers there are wreckless.

    and for clothing. Dont bring too flashy cloths as it will attract muggers.

    Enjoy your trip :) let us know what movie was shown on the plane after you land :p
  12. Something just clicked in me yesterday saying - go to Thailand! How long you going for dude??

    Or more to the point, how long do you need over there??
  13. Don't know who you're going with or for what reasons, but we went to Siam Niramit, which is a cultural show. (Yeah, my first reaction to the word "cultural" was :jerk: ) But it's unbloodybelievable. Think of a cross between Cirque du soleil and Disneyland. Think indoor rain; think dragons and ships; think people flying; think a river flowing across a stage; think lightning inside the theatre! Have a look: http://www.siamniramit.com/

    If you're going north, I suggest the Hellfire Pass Museum -- brutally chilling. http://www.hellfirepass.com/

    And you need to do a river/canal tour of Bangkok; and a rice barge tour (free Thai whisky! :beer: )
  14. thanks guys, I will check it out.

    We will definatley be doing the river cruise tour in Bangkok, and we might check out the moon bar if we get time.

    At the moment I'm more excited about spending New Years in Patong Beach. I've been told the beach party really goes off.

    The rest of the trip will be fairly cruisy, and as long as I get to go diving, see James bond island, ride a scooter around phuket & cuddle a tiger cub I'll be happy.... I'll be even happier if I get to see a ping ping show too :wink:
  15. I've heard that too. The boy and I will be in Bangkok for Chinese New Year. Pretty easy to get fireworks yourself and make your own show as well (as if there isn't going to be enough already!)... I think we'll see how many fingers we feel like losing!
  16. Be careful over there :shock:










  17. if u happen to go up north to CHIANG MAI. they have these guys that do day activities. like i went on a day trip for white water rafting. it is INTENSE. definitely worth checking out. they also have the atv camps? its not really a camp but similar to the white water rafting you fang em around offroad.
    great cheap fun.
  18. My God!!

    Those lady boys look like ladies!!! :shock: :shock: