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Smile and Wave

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by redrocket, Dec 24, 2005.

  1. I've just unwittingly become part of an experiment in human nature.
    Gone from a naked roadie (Revere) to a black cruiser (Shadow) and I've noticed a bizzare change in the way people respond.
    Other riders no longer nod or wave, people on the streets avoid making eye contact, they actually look away. I still have the Revere and when I ride that I get nods, waves, people look etc. jump on the Shadow and suddenly I'm a loner.
    No wonder cruiser riders congegate together and form gangs... they just want to be loved!!!
    Next time a cruiser goes past, give us a wave!!

  2. next you will want harley riders to wave and nod and singing merry christams to you.

    if people wave all well and good if they don't get over it.
  3. You've just discovered a new factor to be added to the list to be considered when buying a bike; will people wave and nod and smile at me?? :LOL:

    Most of us don't nod and wave at cruisers because they HARDLEY ever return the compliment, so we've given up.....
  4. I still do and VERY occasionally i get one back, however, maybe it's because i am a puppy of the motorcycling world that i haven't learnt any better yet. I can't help but nod, wave or SALUTE ANY motorbike rider.
  5. I nod to all 2 wheelers except posties, cruisers, and scooters, purely because I rarely get a nod back from them. However, I still look and if they nod, I'll absolutely nod back. So I say it's the p/c/s riders responsibility to nod first and early if they want to play the nod game, because their brothers have distanced themselves from the community.

  6. As an esteemed VMAX rider in a country town 'nee village' I wave/nod/howl at the moon/head twist, and generally make all sort of gestures to everyone exept Big bad bikkies, I reckon that we're all on the two wheels (whatever shape) because we all enjoy the same thing so we;re all 'brothers' exept for Big bad bikkies.
  7. I was once riding through romsey and there was a group of harley riders puuled over in a park area. As i approached i thought no piont waving as they wont return. But you know, they actually waved and give me the thumbs up!! No not the finger! :LOL: :LOL:
  8. I've found that a lot of the older/experienced cruiser riders will nod, those that don't are usually those more concerned with whether their cruiser makes them look good than riding.
  9. Yes you are on to something there..
  10. Ah! a nod thread, ive strangley enough had a few nods from harley rides on my yamaharley, in fact, I turned around to this bad arsed looking dude on his harley at a set of lights, complete with shortie, black goggles, and get this, lighting up a smoke :LOL: I give him a nod, nod only do I get a nod, but a thumbs up too, miracles do happen, squids dont nod, sport bike riders with leathers do nod, most cruiser guys dont even know your there...scooters?? uhmm. *cough* the dirt squirters are pretty friendly actualy, had one have a chat with me at the light, and a few nods too, worst is when eye contact is made, you nod, and they dont nod back, I dont think personly its a bike thing, even happens to my mate on his cbr rr.
  11. I nod to pretty much everyone - scooter, cruiser et all.... from experience I often expect cruiser riders not to bother, but I've noticed an increasing trend in squids on sportsbikes who seem to think they're above saying hello.

    Sad really.

    Far fewer people returning the nod these days than when I started riding 15 years ago.

  12. Meh, who cares if they nod back? Just doing the nod myself makes me feel good!
  13. True, ;) it hasn't stopped me.
  14. Same here. I nod/wave at all motorcyclists, regardless of their bike. The cruiser riders of the world do nod back. Admittedly not as often as other bike types, but they do.

    It's that warm fuzzy bond when a full leather clad iridium helmeted sports biker on an open class sports-bike actually does acknowledge the kinship with the matte black helmeted chrome blinged relaxed cruiser rider.

    At the end of the day, we're all people.

    In the city the cruisers riders rarely nod back, but in the country-side they do quite a bit. I guess that the geography tends to separate the posers from the mix.

  15. Explaination ???????

  16. I find city riders, talking about sydney ones here folks, dont nod at all, it doesnt matter if there across from you at the lights, they just dont do it, meh, no skin of my nose.
  17. Tim: Squid = rider without proper protective gear.

  18. I don't think I've ever had a sportsbike or naked bike rider not return a nod. I think its a mentality thing. Since I ride a sportsbike, people on sportsbikes can relate to me, whereas guys (and gals) on cruisers sort of see themselves in a different class.

    Scooter riders I don't bother with. They tend to more often than not be yuppies who wouldn't know about riders etiquette (that said I will ALWAYS return a nod, regardless what bike it is).
  19. I don't think it matter what you ride, as long as it's in your blood. I'll nod to everyone on a bike, and although the fellas with patches generally don't nod back, they're usually up for a spirited punt so it's all good.

    Scooter riders however are on their own.
  20. It's nice to get a quick wave or foot off the peg when I make room for a bike to filter past me in the car. I try to make it pretty obvious that I've seen them coming and am moving over for them to pass.

    Not all cage drivers are bike unfriendly :)