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SMIDSY'd motorcycle cop

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Jabba, May 6, 2014.

  1. Travelling back home over Westgate this afternoon I almost SMIDSYed a copper on a bike! I was tootling along at around 20-30Km up the bridge moving in the left lanes as the traffic in the right was stopping. I saw the far left lane was empty for as far as I could see so checked mirrors, indicated, mirrors again and then head check. At this point I am moving to the left of my lane and this bike roars up in the lane I almost moved into! A little bit of wee came out and then I noticed the checkers and police lights and a bit more trickled out. Now I know he is a cop and waaaaaay more experienced than me on my learners, but I thought that kind of thing was breaking a golden SMIDSY avoidance rule. I'm not sure he even noticed, he didn't change his line or move his head, just kept on canon-balling through..... Crickey!

  2. We'll come visit you in jail, bring you a file, start your bike up for you while you are away, I mean, what are friends for? :rolleyes:
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  3. Should have nailed him
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  4. Why brake and risk loosing the front end when it's far more fun accelerating out of trouble ;)
  5. I nearly made a real mess of it too. Grabbed way too much front brake, front dove in like a blue whale and I nearly stopped dead all twitchy and crooked. How embarrassment!
  6. So you checked your mirrors, then did a head check, and still missed him.
    Was he going that fast ? Or are you not looking far enough ?
    You need to check the whole blind spot.

    I was lane splitting last month and decided to use a turning lane to get to the front ( which I don't normally do ) anyway I thought I saw the bright colours of a postie at the head of the queue and thought "that'll be good, I'll just slide up next to him and the pull back into my lane at the front".
    As I got closer to the front I saw that it wasn't the bright colours of a postie, but the bright colours of a bike cop.
    I kept my head very low as I tried to slip innocently back in between two cars in my lane. :chicken:
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  7. Trust me on this, he saw you long before you saw him. He also calculated that even if you moved over there was room and time for him to get past or around, and they don't have regard for other road users' priorities.
    Better to not try to apply regular standards of courtesy and roadcraft to police solos. They may not be superheroes but their crash rate suggests they do know what they're doing.
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  8. I'm reminded of one local solo whose bike spent more time getting repaired than it did being on the road. Must have been embarrassing for him - surely you'd learn how to go around round-a-bouts on the police course...
  9. I was possibly a little lazy with the check, but I know that no cars had moved up next to me because I always keep track of what is around me and there was no one behind me for a while either. I saw a group of lights a fair way back in the left lane when i did my checks, he could of been among them. He was just flying through there. He could have been in any of the other lanes too, there was 2 other bike cops that had weaved and carved their way through ahead of me, so I am guessing he was doing the same.
  10. What is the crash rate compared to other groups?
  11. One of the funniest things I have seen (nobody hrt) was years ago in Epping NSW.

    Saw a red Pplater pulled over looking stricken with his face in his hands and his mates offering comfort. Could see a man advancing purposfully on the car with a most grim expression...in his hand was a piece of broken pannier with the police logo on the side...further back was a slightly battered looking police bike?
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  12. that would be devastating!
  13. Wouldn't have happened if he was in high viz
  14. But the big white motorbike, black jacket, white helmet, black boots ARE hi-vis. ;-)

    I occasionally ride with a mate who has an ex-cop Honda ST (actually two, one is an 1100 and the other a 1300).

    Following him, it seems obvious to me that other vehicles do "magically" see him much more than they see me.

    But, and this is a significant but, he tends to ride based on the assumption that ALL other vehicles will see him.

    I expect that the same thing happens with some of the real police motorcyclists, too.
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  15. He's a SMIDSY looking for somewhere to happen.
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  16. My point, exactly!

    A motorcycle rider can take all sorts of steps to make themselves more visible.
    Some of them may well seem to work.
    But you still don't bet your life on them working, and try to be somewhere else rather than where the crash is likely.

    Even drivers of fire trucks get SMIDSY-ed.
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  17. And that's with the flashing lights and sirens on! ;)
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  18. #18 smee, May 13, 2014
    Last edited: May 13, 2014
    Ok now read what you said.
    Were you looking for bikes?
    It's easy to miss.
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  19. It takes a while to become accustomed to "life outside" (outside a cage, that is). ;)

    This is just one of the many lessons he'll learn along the way, as he grows into a life of liberty. (y)
  20. I guess that's was what I did wrong. I didn't expect a vehicle 2, 4 or even 3 wheeled to be moving through that space such a great deal faster than the rest of the traffic. Given the other comments about bike police and how the proceeding police were weaving though the traffic, I don't think there was anything I could have done. He could have been coming from anywhere.

    Anyway, I have been a lot more vigilant with my checks before changing lanes and indicating a lot more early.

    If it was the other way around, I'm sure he would have pinged me.
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