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SMIDSY'd in the cage

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Unconnected, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. In the last year ive been riding, either through road positioning and doing the smidsy weave infront of just about anything that looks like it could smidsy me or luck, i have avoided being pulled out on/merged into/ and generally not seen except for a few small occasions where it was not a big deal, im yet to have anyone just drive infront of my bike, which is nice.

    Anyway, i was driving to uni this morning, up glebe point road past wentworth park and the cement factory/fishmarket, i come to the end of the road, where it turns right under a tram bridge, the corner is a bit blind and often has oil on it, so when i ride i use lots of caution and take it slow with a wide line to stay visible to the traffic that turns out from the side road just after corner exit.

    But because i was in my subaru i was like, nah **** this im going to hit this corner at the limit for a change, so i go around it at about 55kph in a 60 zone, all good, subaru imprezas are like the cage version of a motard.

    Anyway i get around the corner and then bam a ford F650 superduty massive **** off ute thing just guns it into the middle of the road right infront of my white car, with headlights on (from the night before). causing me to ebrake hard and barley stop before the truck.

    I stare at the ***ing stupid trady in the ute, and do the v shaped 'use your ****ing eyes' gesture that i use on most motorists when im riding. to which he gives me the finger and tells me to get ****ed.

    Mate, i dont care if i was going hard around that corner, i was doing under the limit, you're a toss bag learn how to ****ing drive.

    So yeah, the main reason i wanted to post this is because i am currently intoxicated but also as a reminder that if someone can miss a ****ing 1300kg white subaru impreza with full headlights on, they sure as **** wont be seeing any bikes any time soon, food for thought definitely.
  2. Now see if your car had been fluoro you would have been fine......
  3. Funny you say that Unco, for once I agree and empathise with you...

    On Tuesday arvo I was overtaking a B-double in the work Hilux (no-less!), and was just forward of his rearmost axle when he swung into my lane without even checking his huge mirrors. I know he didn't check the mirror, because I was watching his, biker-style...
    All I can say is that the ABS in the Toyota works fine, and thankyou to the Commode behind me for maintaining his awareness...

    So yeah, nobody fucking even looks - why do we expect to be seen?
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  4. no-one looks, that's for sure, you have to think for them AND for yourself.....
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  5. Well that's it - I've agreed with Unco and nodded the Hornet in the same thread.
    I'm off for a lie down, then...
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  6. Feeling ok there Kreeps?
  7. You know I'm not...
  8. I prescribe alcohol.
  9. Damn, next thing you know you'll be over on the mini rage agreeing with creampuff.

    I was going to make fun of his/her name, but I don't have too.
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    Sorry I'm trying to map this in my head. Do you mean bridge road instead of glebe pt? Everything about that one fits.

  11. It might be bridge road, i dont really know the names of the roads on my commute i just ride the same way each time.

    Essentially you follow the long straight road past wentworth park with the cement works on your right (heading towards glebe/rozelle) then the road goes through an intersection and makes a swing to the left under a under pass bridge near a mechanics.

    EDIT: It is bridge road sorry.
  12. you need a bigger car, ever since i started driving a land rover no one ****s with me anymore!

    Could be that it looks like a serial killer's car though.
  13. Does it have 'free candy' written on the side?
  14. ahh i was trying to say he was making a right turn in front of me, it would be a left turn for me yes. I think its called railway st or something like that.
  15. It has "free bra fittings for scandinavian backpackers" on the side, right next to the chainsaw mount.