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Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by nice2Bnaked, May 5, 2009.

  1. After reading many of these posts, I have realised that the general consensus is that car drivers are usually at fault... The same sob story of "the car just pulled out," or "they just didn't see me".

    Time and time again, this is the reason why allot of us riders end up spaghettied on the road. So, isn't this saying something? Are us riders not taking notice of the common excuse of car drivers not seeing us? Yes, we are, and we're writing about it on here.

    Long ago, I gave up posting about near misses, because I know that I am hard to see.

    I know that I usually am travelling a little quicker than most of the traffic, and I tend to change lanes a lot more than what I would if I were in a car.

    I know that I have one single headlight, and am obviously one of the smaller vehicles on the road.

    My bike is LOUD and BIG, and I make myself known when I'm on the road. Cars still pull out on me, merge into my lane, and wander all over the road whilst the driver is distracted by a mobile phone.

    Cars still don't see me when they check their mirrors and I'm not there one second, there the next. I know that if I was driving in a car I wouldn't be able to be on bike radar 100% of the time looking for bikes. And even if I did, it only takes a bike a fraction of the time to cover the ground a car does. It makes me feel a little annoyed when riders rant about cars not seeing them... OF COURSE THE CAR DIDNT SEE YOU, YOU ARE ON A MOTORCYCLE / SCOOTER!! It is up to YOU to keep YOU alive.

    Motorcycling is not for everyone. Unless you are on the ball, looking after yourself, and prepared for other road users to drive erratically around you, then you are not cut out for motorcycle riding.

    So, did you:

    Nearly end up the arse end of a car? Well you should have increased your following distance or given yourself an out and it wouldn't be a problem. Looking way ahead is another accident preventative, as well as not sitting right behind a car. If your right behind a cager, they are the ones driving you.

    When they brake, you have to brake. It's much better to sit back and let an opportunity present itself rather than create opportunities to overtake.

    Did a car "cut you off" or merge into your lane? You probably shouldn't have been sitting in a position where this would affect you, or in a blind spot, or not ready for them to make that move. Taking notice of a cars actions will give you clues as to what they are going to do next. If it's confusing behaviour, best create a buffer and not overtake, as a vehicle may turn into a car park space or drop a U turn without indicating.

    Or maybe a car "just pulled out" or dropped a U turn in front of you? You should have been ready for that too, and not taken for granted that that car saw you, or that they indicated. Read the drivers body language (the way they drive) and that should keep you out of trouble. If a car slows for a give way or roundabout where they give way to you, don't assume that because you have right of way they will stop. Always slow down or cover the brakes, ready for evasive action.

    And road rage... It's not like you should let someone off for endangering your life, but don't go freakin out at a driver who genuinely did not see you.

    Think like this. A car driver cuts you off or merges into you without knowing you were there, causing you to brake and take evasive action... So what do you do? Do you kick a mirror off, give a death stare or do nothing? I used to get worked up and righteous when I was a novice rider, booting the occasional mirror. Think of how it looks from a driver's perspective...

    Driving your car along, you change lanes, and hear a motorcycle horn. You didn't see the bike in your blind spot. Realising you could have almost killed a rider, you feel sorry and in the wrong, maybe even giving a "oops, I didn't see you" wave. Up until this point, you feel guilty and in the wrong for cutting the rider off. Moments later, the motorcycle rider speeds past, punching your mirror. All of a sudden, you forget about your near fatal error, and develop a loathing attitude to not only that rider, but every other rider on the road. See what I'm getting at? Fair enough, man up if a driver does something silly like talking on the phone or dangerous driving, but ask yourself if you would react the same if you were in a car next to them. Getting a bike licence doesn't put you on the righteous pedestal above car drivers; instead it places you at the bottom of the food chain. Even if you decide to ark up at a driver, remember that your allot more venerable on a bike, and being "right" isn't worth putting yourself into danger in a road rage situation.

    So yes it helps to vent your anger at someone else's recklessness, but review the situation to see if it's you that needs to pull your head in. Motorcycling is an example of natural selection, and If you can't look after yourself, best get off the bike and into a nice safe car...
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  2. I was reading the Age recently and came across this article regarding cyclists,

    "Video insurance coming to a helmet near you"


    Of the article this particular quote took my fancy,

    "...Victorian police last year used footage to charge and fine a truck driver who got too close when overtaking a cyclist on Nepean Highway, Mordialloc..."

    Well recently some small trucker pulled a SMIDSY (merging into my lane)

    against me on the City Link overpass, near Kensington/North Melbourne.

    Fortunately I didn't get hit. However if I had a helmet cam of good enough

    quality to capture number plates, could I have passed this information onto

    police myself and ultimately had the driver fined? If this were possible wouldn't

    SMIDSY related mishaps be minimized through every rider filming and reporting

  3. Two words:

    Arms. Race.
  4. Meaning?
  5. understand your meaning grue, but cagers are lazy creatures.
    and they don't have a sense of the danger around them like we.
    so they will not arm themselves will cameras for defence.
    that takes care of the majority.

    the minority. the ones that really hate us. yes they will use them against us. but even so, i think very few will go to the trouble.
    problem is the ones that do. they will hunt us in the hills on sunny weekends.

    though i don't see them patrolling busy traffic when they have better things to do, like fantazise about unicorn dicks. and this is where the cameras work for us.

    i've been wearing a camera for around 3 years. has always been clipped to a strap on by backpack. but recently mounted it on top of my helmet. and suddenly everyone notices it. everyone asks about it. i tell them why i wear it. hence, cagers get an education.

    cager education has always been the answer.
    no road traffic authority in this country will accept that.

    why do i wear it ?
    a cager pulled out in front of me about 4 years ago.
    i was dependant on the public system to come to my aid.
    i lost everything.
    it took years to claw it all back.

    next time, that cager pays.
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  6. See discussion in This Thread The Age are a day late - they must have read what I had published online in the HUN yesterday:

  7. i've seen some pretty fancy video equipment mounted on police bikes
  8. If you live by the sword you will die by it

    reporting some idiot every time they break a traffic law or cut you off will have us the same as the people and stazi of the former communist east germany where everybody was snitching on everyone else.

    do you think that the police are going to investigate every little traffic gripe people have with one another ?

    In cases such as MT1 has cited where there has been a loss to himself - by all means use the camera footage for evidence in legal proceedings.

    Otherwise remember very well that it can be a double edged sword
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  9. You are a member of the wimp brigade - we talked about people like you in the other thread yesterday that I mention above....

    Heard that argument before - its for wimps and scaredy cats...... Bicycle riders are doing it - and getting sympathy. Same rules should apply to us and it is being tested by one of us as we I speak.[-(
  10. the future is comming and can't be changed.
    many will share John's thinking.
    i do think it will make us more hated on the roads, no doubt.
    but that has always been our lot.
  11. Okay let me clarify this

    You are calling me a wimp because I do not advocate the use of camera footage to report people to the police for minor traffic infringements but rather advocate the use of camera footage only where an accident has occurred and you can use your recording in support of your legal action against someone that has caused you loss, damage, injury due to their negligence.

    I unlike yourself have no ideas of vigilante grandeur.

    Your stance is to use the film to report anyone that you believe has done you a miss-justice concerning road use regulations and laws when no harm, injury or loss has occurred to you.

    This to me reeks of a citizen surveillance state.

    Did you not approximately 12 months ago JD rant and complain about being reported to the EPA many times by anonymous people concerning the noise volume of your Harley

    So in other words you get PERSONALLY offended by someone else's lack of road craft, skill or knowledge and want to go running to the police to say "protect me from this incompetent person".

    I on the other hand do not need protection - I take my chances on the road and rely on my own skill and ability to deal with those who make errors ( either unintentional as I would say the majority are or intentional - who would be far and few between).

    If you are so scared of other road users bad driving habits to the point of wanting to report any infractions that occur I would reconsider who you are calling a wimp - In fact I suggest you hang up your helmet and sell your bike and use public transport.
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  12. I don't agree with everyone filming and then reporting what they consider is a traffic offence considering most road users have a poor knowledge of the road rules in the first place.
  13. Put it all on youtube and let someone else sort it out..
  14. Remember that bicyclist don't have number plates like motorcyclists do. They do not have the threat of being filmed and being charged by the police because they can't be identified.

    Live and let live isn't a wimp attitude, it's a don't be holier than thou attitude, you know, those who are without sin can cast the first stone. (without trying to sound too religious)
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  15. If the law wont protect us we have option but to take the law into our hands. Whatever way you want to do it.

    Since the TAC's 'riders it's up to you' campaign started down here in Victoria the incidence of cage rage and vehicular threats against motorcyclists have risen significantly.

    Make no mistake, while you're arguing the pros and cons there are real lives being put in real danger. You only have to look at Shane Warne to see the situation we're facing down here in Victoria. I understand your experiences may differ interstate, you NEED to understand that our experiences differ to yours.

    In Victoria taking passive action is no longer an option. It's just that simple.
  16. It's one thing to use camera footage for evidence in an accident, or to put it on youtube, but I know I would be extremely pissed off if someone in a car filmed me breaking the law and submitted it to the cops.
  17. Video everything. Publically air the infractions. Pursue the ones that cause you loss or endanger your life.

    - - -
    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
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  18. why stop at just video footage being given to police of people who infringe traffic laws

    why not hook up a baseball bat holster to your bike and just smash up their cars when they cross a solid road marker ?

    where will people draw the line ?
  19. Being pissed off isn't going to stop them. DEAL WITH IT!!! It's the future.

    An insightful question at long last. Now think about it.
  20. I like how cyclists cant afford $25 for bicycle registration, but CAN afford $100 for a camera?
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