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Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Mike9999, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. Well, first smidsy, first off. After 10,000 hassle free km's.

    In right lane of a four lane road (2 lanes up, 2 lanes down - McIntyre road in Sunshine for those of you who know that area). Saturday around 11am, very busy.

    Cars banked up in the right lane because of a car waiting to turn right. Slow down and take the left lane which is free. As I'm passing the stopped cars at my right at a very cautious 35km/in a 60 zone, white toyota aurion in right lane suddenly, quickly pulls out right in front of me to take the left lane.

    Just began a countersteer when I hit the rear left corner of his car and went down. Was more of a deflection of the corner rather than a square hit. Bike slides forward and to the left. I hit the ground and started to roll. Hit it with my left hip first (ouch), and shoulder. Shoulder pops out but as I roll it pops back in again (sub-lux not dislocation). Up over the kerb, ending up on someone's nature strip.

    Roll around in supposed pain before I realise I'm ok. Wife of driver is jumping up and down telling me to stay still in case I have spinal injury. Get up, run to the bike and lift it up. Damage is minimal - broken mirror, indicator, bent gear pedal, scratched fairing. Still starts fine. Take off helmet and begin to take in what's just happened. Driver comes out and keeps asking if I'm OK and very apologetic. Feel like shit.

    Tell woman to go and grab the cops whose car is coincidentally parked in front of the shops across the road. Statements taken, TMU called in. Driver's wife buys me a bottle of water. Still feel like shit.

    TMU arrives. Turns out he rides aswell. Quickly determines car driver at fault, and begins to really give it to him, threatens to charge him. Beginning to feel a bit better.

    Details exchanged etc. Bike towed and I get a family member to drive me to the hospital to get checked out. If it weren't for these I would have had a broken hip no question. Shoulder is sore but ok. Neck is sore. Blood test taken and I'm off home.

    Avoidable? Yes. Had I stayed in the far left of the left lane I would've most likely avoided impact. Had I just stayed in the right lane and not taken the left I would have definitely avoided at least THAT particular incident. Had I kept an eye on the front left wheel I could have reacted sooner.

    Ramifications of SMIDSY:
    -I got lucky with the injuries. Just bruising. Didn't hit my head and the armour did it's job and then some. Highly recommend the shorts.
    -Bike damaged - again minimal, although unsure if any underlying damage which may be uncovered.
    -Time and distress - huge. In the middle of my final exams for my last year at uni. All I could do was replay the incident in my head. Still feeling very down.
    -Effect on family - also considerable. Considerable enough to make me sell the bike once it's repaired. Tough decision but I'll have to continue my story on two wheels when I'm a little more independent. Time to start saving up for my R6.
    -Effect on driver - who gives a shit.

    So we see that SMIDSY isn't only about a damaged bike and a bruised hip. It's also about a bruised lifestyle. I can only hope that the child of the driver in the car was traumatised by this accident, such that he becomes a much more rider-aware road user in future.

  2. PS: driver was not charged.
  3. VERY sorry to hear, Mike !!! Glad you are well overall, buddy.
    Thank you for sharing your SMIDSY with us.
    I was hoping not to see/read your 2nd post - now that REALLY angered me !
    Stay safe mate and speedy recovery, in more ways than one.
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    Wtf do you mean Driver Not Charged???

    Sorry to hear about this incident mate :(
  5. thank you for sharing.....just another reminder it can happen anytime, anywhere, anyride

    its summer & its amazing how many riders out with no gear on, a relatively minor incident like this i can see it being alot more painful for them
  6. That bites. If you don't have comp insurance don't let their insurer dick you around. You could be without your bike for some time. Get on them and make them earn their pay.

    Also, those armour shorts look pretty good, if only they had something for the knee.
  7. Out of interest what other gear were you wearing and how did it hold up?


    In this situation why can't you 'press charges' :p
  8. Good to hear that you were 'almost' riding to the conditions.. I see lots of motorcyclists passing stopped lines of traffic at 60km/h thesedays and they (the motorcyclists) are just waiting to get absolutely smashed by a SMIDSY, one day.
  9. I had on me at the time:
    -full leathers (RST) on with armour in the knee, shoulder and elbow. This suffered no damage, but I suspect the shoulder armour saved my shoulder from further injury.
    -Back protector (A*). Also had a back pack on, but I didn't have any major impacts on my back.
    -A* Suptertech R boots. These did their job in more ways than one. My right boot hit the car so it protected my foot there. The left boot ended up having a chunk of rubber gouged out, I suspect that happened when I hit the ground. In any other shoes without ankle protection my ankles would've been toast from all the rolling, the Supertechs are ankle-protection central.
    -Arai helmet. Never hit my head, no marks on the helmet. Looks nice though.
    -RJays gloves with plenty of armour. These were falling apart at the time, and had a small hole in the finger tip prior to the off. Was worried they would burst open but again these had no damage as I didn't fall with my hands outstretched.

    Again, HIGHLY recommend the armoured shorts. I went for the Pro option, which has 3 layers of armour, not 2. It isn't uncomfortable, you don't notice it when riding, easy to just put on when you're gearing up, and it works!!

    Yeap unfortunately I only have Third Party, and it was a company car, so I think i'm in for some chop...

    Thanks everyone for the nice comments, it helps! :)
  10. Hey Mike,
    Sorry to hear this. Really, really glad you're ok.
    Hope it all gets sorted smoothly and swiftly with the bike and that you get those finals results that you need.
    Will miss you down on the range, but first things first.
    Take care of you.
  11. Thanks Barb :)

    Well got the quote for the bike the other day. $4500. Seeing as the bike itself only cost $5000 it will most certainly be a write-off. The challenge is now getting the money out of the driver's insurance company...
  12. Oh no man! Glad to hear youre ok, sucks about the bike tho. Does this mean a new Ninjette or something a bit bigger?
  13. Well university offers just came out and I missed out on a Commonwealth Supported Place, instead got a Full Fee Place (Medicine at Melbourne Uni). Seeing as it's $55,000 a year, every penny I make from now on will be going towards that! So no bike as of yet.

    However, once a rider, always a rider. I will be back on two wheels in future when I can afford it, albeit on something a little bigger than the ninjette :p To be continued I guess...
  14. That's awesome news on the placement, Mike!
    Congrats & well done. =D>
    Huge financial commitment ... knew it was expensive but ... wow!
    Also hope the dealings with the insurance company are straightforward & smooth ... given the circumstances it would seem it should be with maybe a little haggling over price, fingers crossed for you on that front too.
    Look forward to seeing you back on the road when you can. :grin:
  15. Threatens to charge him??? If it were me, I'd pressing hard for charges to be laid.
  16. +1 Nightowl.

    - - -
    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  17. Mike, A Big congratulations on the course news! Well done!

    Bit bummed to see you were hit, but, happy to see your ok ;)
  18. Hi Mike, just thought I'd post a follow up. How did everything pan out? I trust it's sorted by now?
  19. Mike, sorry to hear you got bumped off the bike, glad to hear you're ok, and congrats on the course. Hope to see you back on 2 wheels sooner rather then later, but your priorities seem to be dictating the steps to do it, patience is a virtue and good luck with the course.