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SMIDSY.........with love

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by chicken78, Sep 25, 2011.

  1. Driving your camry along the kangaroo-eltham road, weather is fine, and you have been following a motorcyclist for approximately 10 minutes. Traffic slows as you approach the a T intersection in which the motorcyle indicates to perform a left hand turn.

    See diagram

    You check to the right as you slow behind the motorcyclist into the slip lane, and the road is clear and you accelerate into the left hand turn lane to enter the main road.

    see below for positioning of vehicles;

    Small issue, what you failed to see was the vehicle in front of the motorcyclist they were required to give way too that was travelling along the main road you were preparing to enter. As a result the motorcyclist you were following has almost come to a complete stop to give way.

    Congratulations you have contact and have pushed the motorcyclist out onto the main road and into the median strip. And after all this, you step calmy from your vehicle and the only way you feel you can justify your inability to navigate a vehicle is by;
    end result.
    You have done well, you are a fully legitmate SMIDSY

    No laughing at my stick figures, car or motorbike attempts[-( bikes fine, just minus a piece, actually 2 now Ive discovered. The old duck was so focused on the traffic to my right she hadnt registered that I had almost stopped to give way. After getting off the road, ripping the helmet off and about to launch into one big rant :tantrum: the first thing that comes from her "Sorry love, I didnt see you!" I couldnt help but laugh, after all this talk of SMIDSY here it was in the flesh. After such a perfect days riding and I mean epically perfect, I spent hours applying what I had been taught yesterday to improve my riding, to be tapped like that, after she had me in her direct vision for at least 10 min completely pissed me off. At least hyo left his mark on that camry, her spoiler is all loose, indicator and head light smashed and surrounded paint work scratched and scuffed.

    But its ok the day ended perfectly :D thanks to the rider on the gixxer, yes I saw it :D yes I could see the huge grin and yes, was impressed muchly :D :biker:
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  2. That's a pissa of a write up Chook.
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  3. As you can see I struggled I didnt make it much past finger painting.
  4. This would be an example of the lesser-known SLIDSY.
  5. Dont confuse cagers anymore than they already are...stick to SMIDSY ;)
  6. It's your own fucking fault! Look at you! ...clearly the poor yellow lady had no chance of spotting your midnight black ass!! [-(
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  7. Glad your ok Hun, sorta like my bestie in one piece.

    Anyway was he hot?
  8. ^^Snap, was thinking the same thing Alexanderino.

    And to think just today my Vicride supervisor/instructor told us it was a good idea to stop a little back just in case we got hit, we wouldn't get catapaulted out into the traffic. Good theory, but how do you see down the road?

    Stupid cow (the SMIDSYer, I mean). I had a guy hit me in my brand new car once years ago, doing the same thing, and my son did it to someone else (he copped an earful from me).

    BTW Chicken - are those pointy teeth you've drawn on yourself? It's a bit small to tell, but you look very fierce (and suprisingly suntanned LOL).
  9. Hahaha.....i like it
  10. My own mother has done this to someone - I carry the shame of SMIDSY dna taint, I always get very uncomfortable in this situation when in front of a car.
  11. Smart ass :p
    Maybe ;)
    Yup they are big scary teeth, coz Im so scary!
  12. You chicks are incorrigible. I just want to know how is the Hyobung?
  13. Hey, dont put me in her category! lol

    As far as I can see the pillion bracket peg thingy has been snapped clean off(guessing araldite wont fix this) and shes bent and cracked the plastic chain cover, its just a little screwed. The oil? still dripping from that hose, but has slowed.
  14. Hey it's traditional to find out the hotness. Leah's fitting in well.
    It's also traditional for the SMIDDER to pay for ALL costs associated with SMIDDING.
    I'm sure the oil is coming from the air box still. It will need servicing and probably a new filter.
    It ran fine on the way home?
  15. Helmets limit the ability to establish levels of hotness, how they ride can make up for this.

    She admitted fault straight after SLIDSY, and at that point was happy to cover all damages, she was actually pretty shaken up. Ran ok, a little noisey around rear wheel. And for a small tap, Im actually sore, which surprised me. Bikes nearly due for a service, clocked up 10,000klm today.
  16. Good to know she is paying for everything and hope you heal up from the minor sore.

    As Chef said, might need a service or pull the air filter out to see how much oil, if any, the filter may have soaked up. This may reduce your power and might run a little crappier. Chain cover can be glued back together or if you have a plastic welder, weld it back together.
  17. Holy shit, what a ride!! Tell me, is the moon really made of cheese or is that all just a joke?

    :p Juuuuust kidding. Congrats on the milestone...what a way to celebrate it though...

    Glad you're ok Katie. Surprising about the soreness...is it your neck from the whiplash (if any)?
  18. It was a pretty solid thump hon going by the damage to her car.
    I'd score it about a 2. I can score you higher if there was a good dismount.
  19. Whiplash? hell no, just left side muscle soreness, all ok.

    No dismount :(
  20. From this point onward make sure your contact with her is documented, or just got straight to your insurance co.

    I had a very similar incident with a dumb bint (first she locked herself in her car until she realised I was a girl). At the accident scene it was all sorry and "I'll cover all the damage", I told her them estimate the next day and she had a spastic fit - it got difficult after that.