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SMIDSY wins again

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by aaahhh, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. Mate t-boned when car does a uturn. In RPA with a broken leg. Right near Redfern station. Cops said there is CCTV right along that area so should be no worries in that area. Bike totaled, rider OK.

  2. shit go hope your mate enjoys his pain meds and is outta hospital soon, glad to hear the cops have it covered.

  3. By refering to the CCTV, sounds like the driver didn't stop? If so, I hope they do get the driver and throw the book at him/her

    Oh, and in which universe is a broken leg OK? :confused:
  4. When its in the same universe as possibly being dead
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  5. One of my friends posted on facebook saying he saw the whole thing, and described it. I can get him if you need witnesses or sum'n. Hope your mate gets better, without any lasting damage
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  6. thanks, hopefully the CCTV got everything. Will get in touch if he needs any further help. He is recovering well, three fractures in the lower right leg, clean breaks no plaster just wrapped and a moon boot. Small crack in his neck, no need for brace.

    OK means he is coping well with the accident. Obviously broken leg not.
  7. OK means he is coping well. I was with him all day and most of last night. Obviously broken leg is not OK.

    The driver stopped and the police interviewed him, lots of witnesses + CCTV.
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    in vic, cager would be deemed not guilty because he may have been delivering cupcakes...

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    Now now... only if they'd received advanced driver training on the job so they knew when it was okay to do a u-turn across double lines in heavy fog.
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    And in NSW if the driver had been an off-duty copper, the motorcyclist would be facing jail time.
  11. Mate recovering well, getting a bit stir crazy. Bike doesn't look too bad at first glance, not that's any indication of true damage. Driver insured. And charged with neg driving.
  12. Just underwent skin graft on shin where car hit leg. Not good. Driver charged with neg driving before now driving causing GBH as well. A lot of drama caused by some knucklehead in a cage not looking.
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  13. Keep us up-to-date, mate, a lot of interest in both the physical side of his recovery and the legal aspects of the accident
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  14. I hope your mate has a good recovery.

    The woman that wrote off my bike and put me hospital only received a fine for an unsafe lane change. WTF! Nothing to do with negligence or or causing serious injury which could also have been brought against her.
  15. Must have used the SMIDSY clause! Smart chick!