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SMIDSY Wellington Rd

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by oz-riley, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. SMIDSY, Wellington Rd, Narre Warren East.
    Was on my way to the learner training session last Saturday and had this near miss at the Cardinia Reservoir turn off.

    Bike was in Race Mode, and lifted the rear wheel off the ground with ABS shaking the front wheel under heavy braking. Check out my shadow infront of the bike on the road.
    I am glad the driver did not see me at all, because if he/she spotted me and panic braked and stopped I don't think I would have got around him/her, probably would have ended up into the front of the next car turning.

    The driver of the next car turning recognised the gravity of the near miss, should have seen the expression on his face. :nailbiting:

    Anyway a good video showing that if you don't panic you can brake hard and still keep control of your bike.
    Vid is in HD also.
    Chris (y)

  2. Any chance you could make the video non-private?
  3. Opps, sorry should be public now ;)
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    In the end, the outcome looks like nothing happened, but that couldn't ended really badly. I've watched that about 30 times now, and I can't figure out what else you could've realistically done apart from exactly what you did - brake hard and well and hope he just completed his turn without panic-braking, then carry on.

    I'd be curious to see what the experts have to say.

    Glad you're alright though, nice one!
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  5. Bit of a clue to why they didn't see you or misjudged the gap. You see some glare in your mirror from the sun then the cars waiting are in full sun. Be mindful of this. Wipe off a bit of speed and be especially cautious of situations where you may be obscured. Rather than just covering your breaks actually start applying them for any potential SMIDSY with glare behind you.

    How you could have approached differently? A little more lateral movement could have made you more visible but probably not. You had a clear escape route and used it well. Good skills.
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    That was a very close call, much closer than it appears [thanks to ultra wide-angle lens distortion]. Well done on maintaining a level head and braking effectively.

    As you approached the car, did you begin to suspect it would cut you off?
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    That it was, it takes a bit to rattle me, but this one was close.
    I was watching the driver and they looked like they were waiting for me to pass, as there was quite a gap between the car in front of me, Smidsy moved off right at the last second, so I thought they had seen me and were giving way. I was wrong!
    Camera is a GoPro3 if anyone was interested, and yes the wide view does distort the field of view a little, it was a lot closer than it looks in the video.

    Cool, Thanks! ;)

    Yes sun was directly behind me, this was about 9.30am so sun was still quite low. So I understand why they may not have seen me, with headlight on and rear sun, you can just vanish from view.

  8. Had you thought about this prior to the SMIDSY and adjusted your riding at all? It's very easy not to notice glare when it's directly behind you.
  9. Some good points noted about the sun. Just proves and shows how we all have to multi task and take everything on board when riding our steeds.
    Glad it all ended well.
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  10. Yes, had backed right off speed wise, as there is always a bit of traffic around this intersection, as you can see from footage. As to how to making yourself less invisible in sun glare, suppose you could turn headlight off, but with mine it is on all the time, you need to stop and turn off in the menu system.
  11. Another alternative is to continuously flash the high beam [~4 cycles per second] as one approaches, while being prepared to stop/evade all the time. This often succeeds in stopping them.
  12. Most practical thing you can do to improve visibility is exaggerate side to side motion. On approach here I would have tried to tag the side line.

    But simply the fact that you recognized glare as a hazard does more than anything. Your level headed braking and avoidance shows that you probably had a heightened sense of alertness.
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  13. lucky you were'nt riding my bike.
    it can't do that.
    camera would have been filming clouds.
  14. im not going to say it looks like you were speeding. but if you are ever moving a bit faster than most traffic then you have to realise some drivers might not always see you.
  15. I'd considered the weaving option when I first saw the video, but disregarded it because there wasn't much time and the edge of that road isn't all that great. On reflection, there's a few seconds where a bit of a weave might have been worth while (0.06 to 0.09). Maybe, maybe not.

    The sun glare is a great pickup though, smilee. 9:30 AM heading west on Wellington Rd is nasty. I'd guess the other driver didn't see you at all, and possibly still has no idea you were even there.

    FWIW though @oz-riley, there should have been more rev-bombing and swearing. ariderslife could probably teach you a thing or two about videos.</sarcasm> Seriously, you handled that very smoothly, great job.
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  16. I reckon he did see you, but as you were moving quite quickly he didn't think you would be up on him so quickly and that he'd have time to complete the turn.
  17. Maybe, however the posted speed limit there is 100km\h and I was just under the speed limit, driver would have had the same near miss with a Car, although a Car may not have been able to pull up as quickly with it's weight and Inertia.
    I see your point however.
  18. One more possibility which is worth a thought. Was there another bike behind you? You know what the head lights of 2 bikes look like when there is reduced visibility? When closely aligned you can look like a car quite far away. Another reason to move laterally to break up this illusion.
  19. I rode through there today.. incident free, but your vid did make me think a bit more about what was going on :)
  20. I wouldn't be too keen on this option. Flashing someone is also a ''yes, go ahead i've seen you' action.
    Like flashing someone trying to enter traffic. They see the flash and enter safely.
    Flashing a long truck after he's overtaken you to let him know he's clear and can pull over to the left. They see the flash and pull across safely

    Flashing someone waiting to turn right in front of you. They see the flash and......... can you see where i'm going with this one ;)
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