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N/A | National SMIDSY Vid Update - Tone and Theme; Maurice Blackburn/Gozer

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Gozer Studio, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. Hi all - well, apologies for the radio silence. It seems to have suddenly become a very busy time of the year for us.
    We're feeling slightly sheepish about taking so long to get back to everyone, especially after prompting from MBL, but we finally have our head above water :)

    **For those who do not know anything about this topic, the original thread is here.**

    Thanks so much for the list of directions in the other thread. We've begun a new thread to attempt to now move on to looking at the detail of the piece. It's obviously a very passionate subject which could be addressed in a number of ways. It was fantastic to have that amount of thinking at our disposal when meeting.

    We had a good productive meeting up at MBL the other week, and we felt like we begun some good dialogue to get a better understanding of some of the broader implications of what a piece like this might need to contend with. Ultimately the biggest question we were left with from the meeting was "what should the broad tone of the message be" for the piece (ie: serious, jovial etc). The creative that would support this is something that we can look at once we know the tone.

    At the moment, here's what we think the approach should potentially be built around:

    It was identified that we're attempting to address a gap in the TAC's messaging.
    The piece should be genuine and respectful
    Could be a counterpoint tho the TAC messaging
    It should humanise motorcyclists
    It should not portray motorcyclists as people "outside" of society
    It should be very emotive
    We should be attempting to show a model to the TAC of what a campaign that includes motorcyclists would look like, rather than one that alienates them.
    Not to be frivolous
    Not too light hearted
    Not a parody or "play" on another TAC advert, as this could be done easily separately by anyone out there.
    Needs a memorable "hook" to it (either emotional or auditory)
    Needs to be produced at a level that could hold up if broadcast on TV

    It felt like the discussion led us in a direction that may require some serious thinking about the actual concept and scripting.

    A part of the discussion highlighted a point that might also be worth considering as part of the creative direction. It seem's that some of the underlying messaging to parts of the current TAC approach almost imply that there could be instances where a motorist might be "excused" for an accident when they do not see a motorcyclist [-X - which really works against what the whole SMIDSY campaign is about. It is perhaps not an obvious part of their communication but it does seems to be there. This perception is obviously far from the truth, but is something that could be tackled as part of the process.

    One particular direction that was discussed, and that struck us as being a good angle, was to create something that left the viewer feeling "haunted" - something that really gave an emotional response to the viewer that would come back to them when they next saw a bike, or at least ensured they may have a better chance of retaining the message for a little longer. There could be the use of wailing/screaming of family members - unclear what it would actually be though.

    So - where to from here?
    What would be great is to get feedback focussed on the thoughts/notes we've made above.
    We've ended up here through a lot :D of time looking through the suggestions on NR in detail, trying to distill the essence of people's desires, and get a handle on what is actually missing, plus a very considered discussion about the feasibility of various approach's,

    At the moment it looks like the plan could be to launch "whatever" we end up with prior to the MotoGP event in Melbourne (Oct). Which does not leave a lot of time.

    We look forward to your thoughts.

    James and Shamus.
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  2. I don't know how much it would cost or how long it or would take, I'm assuming more then we have on both accounts, but I will say anyway just incase.

    I suggested in the other thread and still think it is the approach which ticks all the boxes is to have big HR, MR and HC Trucks ploughing into cars saying SMIDSY (obvious SMIDSY's too, like a truck having clear vision of a car but pulling out anyway because they are bigger), then say how there is no excuse for not looking. Whether you are a truck taking out a car or a car taking out a bike, we all have lives to live, cue a still of a smidsy (E.g. the still off the current TAC ad) and then go to some poor wife and Kid crying at their dad's funeral.

    Very rough outline of my idea anyway.
  3. I don't know about trucks I think they tend to be demonised in the conservative media also.. I would use school children riding bikes on the way to school hit by a car and killed .

    can't see a 300kg motorcycle with its head light on ? can't see someone's children .
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  4. The idea is to get cager's attention by making them think that this is a regular occurrence (trucks Smidsy'ing car's that is). It get's their attention because it's about them, not bikes, and then bam, hit them with a you don't want it done to you so don't do it to bikes type of thing.

    I'm not saying that this is the best answer, just an option to consider if at all practical.
  5. and its a good one mate nice idea i do like it . we will have a hundred ideas and opinions just put them out there and see where this goes .
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  6. Rough idea....

    Dad/Mum on way in car to meet up with Son/Daughter and his/her new partner..

    (passenger in car is on phone to son/daughter...audience establishes parents havent met new partner as yet and apparently they are en route too.)

    On way close to destination car smidsy's motorbike - kills rider.

    On the side of road at scene of accident parents with cops looking distraught, they have phoned their son/daughter explain there has been an accident so they come rushing to meet them...

    Arriving on scene of accident son/daughter realises the bike rider is new partner....

    parent/driver...crying..."but I didn't see him/her"... Daughter/Son and Spouse of driver...crying..."but you're supposed to look!"

    devastation from both parties...

    tagline, something like... 'it could be someone you know...' (or something like that..)or
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  7. The folks in Devon did this in a humourous way:

    Might be able to promote it as part of a campaign without the costs of trying to do a similar thing ourselves.
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  8. The problem i think we are going to have is that producing shit is a very expensive and extremely wasteful process. For example in producing the tac advertisement they wrote off a brand new car by accident when the rider actually smidsy'd himself onto it at way to fast a speed, and then ended up scrapping the footage and doing the whole thing in post. I guess they couldnt use a real crash though, as real physics would have been involved.

    Anyway, what im saying is, i dont think we are going to be able to crash a bunch of trucks into a bunch of cars unless second hand footage is used, but often that would be of very low quality as it would generally be from traffic CCTV.

    That being said black and white grainy CCTV footage of real accidents, could have a strong emotive effect as it carries lots of negative connotations, if the whole advertisement had a dark and emotive tone than i think it could work.

    I defiantly think that our message needs to be emotive, as per all the TAC advertisements ever made.
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  9. Video idea:

    Camera in middle of back seat looking forward. Mum(M) driving (residential area), 18y/o Daughter(D) in passenger seat. Brief dialogue along following lines...

    D: But Jimmy just got his motorbike licence...
    M: I don't care, I will not have my daughter riding a motorbike.
    D: [rolls eyes] Mum the number of bikes in Victoria has doubled since 2002 (insert correct stat here), and this is the safest state in Australia for riders (verify? substitute if needed)

    Car stops at stop sign. Driver looks both ways, then looks at daughter and starts to enter intersection.
    M: I don't want to talk about it. Motorcycles are too dangerous.
    D: They're vulnerable, mum...
    M: [still looking at daughter] THEY'RE TOO DANGEROUS!

    Loud crash sound, car jams on brakes, motorcyclist rolls across the bonnet. Fade to black.

    Text: If you never look, you won't ever see. Open your eyes for bikes.

    Could be cheaply made with an old car that will cope with someone rolling across the bonnet and some sound effects. Don't need to get a motorcycle in shot let alone trash one.
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  10. I like it, I would add at the end though, bikes aren't dangerous, not looking for bikes is dangerous (or something to that effect). to go along with the conversation between Mother and Daughter.
  11. If you want to have a similar visual impact to a TAC campaign, their playbook is here: http://www.grspasia.org/download12/John-Thompson_Social-Marketing.pdf

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  12. yeah I'm really struggling with a pithy sum up phrase for that idea. I'm not sure people would believe "bikes aren't dangerous"?

    Maybe "bikes aren't as dangerous as the cars that run into them"?
  13. Or "Motorcycles are at their most dangerous when you're not looking for them"
  14. I thought that was sharks....

    The problem with that idea is that it discourages riding. Hard to achieve while getting the desired effect. But I think we should avoid crashing bikes in an ad. The publics already seen enough of that.

    Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa
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  15. you could be right.

    If we want an emotive ad, we need an emotive angle to script to.

    So if we're trying to engage drivers about SMIDSY without showing a bike crash, how might we achieve one of:

    • Sadness/grief
    • Guilt or remorse
    • Anger/indignation
    • Surprise, shock
    • Fear, anxiety
    • Shame, embarrassment

    One brief idea:

    Father and daughter (4-6 y/o) looking at mother in bright orange overalls in the distance behind a high fence (prison).
    D: Why can't mummy come home?
    F: Don't you remember? One day, when mummy was out driving, a Daddy just like me was riding along on his motorbike. Only mummy wasn't looking carefully enough, and she turned in front of him and he fell off his bike and went to heaven.
    D: When will mummy be able to come home, Daddy?
    F: In another 2 years, 9 months, 5 days, 4 hours, 27 minutes and 59 seconds... 58... 57... (fading to black, slow ticking grandfather clock can be heard)

    Text: Is it so hard just to look?
  16. @the_blacke I dont agree, an advertisement that sends the message that bikes are not dangerous and that cars are a danger too bikes will confuse the audience and be ineffective.

    This is because bikes are dangerous, even if you eliminated cars from the road bikes still crash at the fault of the rider and people would still die. There is also the issue that your trying to communicate too many things at once in too short a space of time, people do not pay much attention to the majority of advertising messages they see so it is best to keep your message as simple and direct as possible.

    Not to mention if you have a conversation between a mum and kid who wants a bike, and then the mum kills a rider, the public are going to just assume that bikes are dangerous and blame the rider.

    We should focus on the primary goal, getting drivers to look for bikes.
  17. The ad doesn't need to say bikes are not dangerous, but I don't think we need to show crashes, that's a major criticism we have all said about the TAC ad.

    Most ads suggested in the other thread either have a look and see message or a don't look, don't see message. I was original for the don't look, don't see message but since the TAC ad I've switched views.
  18. Wouldnt show a crash at all.

    Show a 'normal' male or female in work or professional environment. Show same rider in bike clobber riding with headlight on ,full attgatt.

    Show discussion at a watercooler, funeral, bar, re the impact of them being killed "because the driver didnt look"

    Finish with a couple of kids crying at a grave.
  19. I was responding to the blackes idea on pg 1, sorry it wasnt very clear.

    To be frank we should probably not be trying to produce a video as we do not have the resources and i cannot see it happening in all honesty, if it did happen, we cannot afford to have it aired anywhere.
    Sure we have youtube, but i cant see this video ever going viral outside of the biker fraternity, which is pointless as your preaching to the converted. Not to mention, and this is my assumption, the people who are not looking probably are not very intelligent and perhaps dont use social media much.

    A print media and radio campaign would probably be more realistic. Not to mention significantly cheaper to produce and air. While i get that we are all pissed at TAC, and want to beat them at their own game and get one up on them and fight the power etc, but we are biting off far more then we can chew and if TAC see our advertisement as some kind of revenge, they are likely to simply produce even more anti biker ad's in future to counteract our message.

    Oh and thats with out mentioning that the media buyer at TAC can probably just ring up network television and tell them not to air our advertisement. Considering TAC is a major advertiser on television, and often airs very long ads in prime time (which cost a ****ing fortune) i wouldnt be surprised if we found our ad getting knocked back by everyone besides SBS.

    Sorry, im not trying to be a wet blanket or anything like that. but our focus has to be about getting the message out there and changing behaviour, not about getting back at the TAC, while print and radio advertisements dont have anywhere near the cut through of television, its probably all we can realistically afford to do.
  20. I can't remember who mentioned it but doing a radio ad where the person says, stop playing with your radio, stop doing your make up etc, look around you, there may be a bike around that you are about to hit.

    (something along those lines)

    Relatively cheap as you said and targets who we want most, people driving.
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