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SMIDSY - The other side..

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by screwball, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. I'll preface this post by saying that some mornings my girlfriend and I take the same route toward work at the same time, due to finishing at different times of the day making it a bit hard to take one car. That means that usually she and I are fairly close by to each other. That makes THIS story a little interesting from my perspective.

    So yesterday morning on the way to work (in the car) I was merging onto the motorway (at 40kph with traffic banked back, as it IS QLD after all).

    I get into the lane in front of a sizeable truck. I check over my shoulder and in my side mirror, and see that I've got some pretty hefty space in the right lane (which always travels at around 60-70kph) so I launch into that lane with my indicator making a brief appearance.

    As I get about halfway across (and accelerating hard as I don't waste time) I hear the unmistakable high pitched toot of a motorcycle horn. My heart sank as I knew exactly what I'd done. I f**king SMIDSY'd someone.

    My instant reaction was to floor the shit out of it as braking to move back into the left lane COULD have seen the bike rear end me (I still hadn't SEEN the bike yet, only heard the horn). I drive a small turbo hatch so "flooring the shit out of it" gets me out of the way sharpish. Before I know it, I've got this guy on my rear drivers side quarter, right up my clacker.

    It's an older guy on a cruiser style bike (didn't pay attention to the make/model). As soon as I've seen he's alright I've wound down the window (still in his lane with him behind me) and stuck my hand out the window in the only "SORRY MATE" way I know how.

    When I get space I get into the left lane and slow down a bit with my window down to have another go at apologising to this guy, which I do. For a good 10 seconds he just looks at me and shakes his head with this disgusted look on his face. I hated it and I couldn't have felt worse.

    That's when my phone rang. I busted out my hands free kit and lo-n-behold it was the missus. She'd seen the entire thing unfold from the onramp (which is down a hill so she got something of a birds eye view).

    The first thing she says is something along the lines of "How much of a f**khead is that motorbike guy?" I enquire further..

    Apparently this guy had been splitting at speed. The car that I saw in my rear view mirror when I headchecked was apparently in this guys way so he'd ducked in behind the truck at what I assume was the instant I head/mirror checked. I moved out and he'd swung back into the right lane (no indicator, well faster than the traffic around him) and despite me moving out into the lane with plenty of notice, he had actually purposefully continued straight up behind me with the intention of tailgating me.

    I told my missus what I saw and she was adamant that the guy was riding like a douche bag and apparently she sees him regularly on her way to work.

    By this time I'd gotten off the motorway but I instantly felt a lot better. I didn't SMIDSY out of lazyness, inattentiveness, blah blah blah. I'd done it because (as per eye witness indication) the other party had seemingly very little interest in self preservation.

    Anyway, I thought I'd share my story. I know I stand a big chance of getting flamed but honestly I don't care. I ride to work more than I drive and I never get SMIDSY'd because of reasons outlined in another thread.

    Peace out guys, ride safe.
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  2. good result nobody got hurt
  3. Good write up screwball, sadly this guy will probably get on his favourite forum over the next few days and post up how a cagelist in a turbo hatch almost smidsy'ed him, and worse, his fellow riders will commiserate with him and tell him how much of a douche you were.

    As I have stated previoulsy a lot of SMIDSY incidents are the result of riders being in the wrong position or assuming drivers have seen them.

    I hope a lot of our newer riders read this.

    p.s. I'd thank you twice but my button won't let me.
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  4. This is exactly the best part of this whole experience, with the rest being mere details. Regardless of how much of a derp the other rider was being, I'm glad that he's still upright.
  5. You choose to split at speed (and I'm fine with that), the responsibility is yours IMO. Can't say you don't know that cagers are slow on the uptake :)wink: sorry OP :bolt:)
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  6. I'll never understand people who shake their heads at drivers who "cut them off" when the rider isn't helping the situation by splitting at speed when traffic is merging or doing other things that I personally think are dumb.

    I remember riding on City Link one night and there was a dude driving a van. I could see from well behind that he wasn't a very good driver so I stayed well back until he decided to move to the left after the Bolte Bridge bend. Another motorcyclist seemed to have noticed and slotted in behind me, while another decided to sit in the guys blind spot for a good 30 or 40 seconds and was upset when the van driver indicated for about 3 or 4 seconds and then started to slowly change lanes to where the other motorcyclist was riding. The rider carried on reving and pointing at him, probably thinking he was impressing myself and the other rider and then he rode off like a bat out of hell.

    Yes, the van driver could probably have done a better job at driving, but the angry rider was just as bad by sitting in the blind spot for such a long time and then not reacting at all when the van driver indicated for a good 3 or 4 seconds. I could only imagine what would have happened if traffic was heavier and the driver just swung over like a lot of people do.

    These are the types of people who may not have at fault accidents, but they aren't helping their cause by having no idea what defensive driving/riding techniques are.

    My old housemate had a bunch of not at fault accidents, but I can tell you right now that because of the way she drives (very aggresively) she may as well have been at fault because it leaves no margin for error (hers or other peoples). She would tell you that it was entirely the other drivers fault for driving into the front quater panel of her car at an intersection because they ran a stop sign.
    I would say she is partially at fault because she didn't even look, let alone drop her speed a little while approaching simply because there was a stop sign and that makes it her right to drive through.
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  7. A very insightful OP - Thankyou

    Interesting account of a SMIDYS from both sides
  8. I don't even see the point of doing it if the other party is totally at fault but apologises.

    I only make a point of it if they didn't see me at all, fail to apologise or see me but keep going anyway.
  9. Exacly. I've been in the riders position once or twice, I know the driver never really had a chance to see me anyway. I can't say smidsy's bother me that much, you can usually premeditate them with some degree of accuracy.
  10. Well put Sir - as a rain or shine commuter I absolutely agree.....
  11. +1 here. People keep thinking I'm a nice bloke letting them in when I'm just thinking that they can't drive...doesn't make any difference to the length of the commute because I just filter at the lights.
  12. Mmm yeah, the people who always get on their high horse about being smidsyed constantly seem to be for the most part fair weather riders.... just saying. genuinely not trolling...
  13. Haha I'm one of those.
  14. Well there you go, a motorcyclist who f*cked up, who'd have thunk it.

    Seriously though, you get all sorts on bikes as well as in cars and very few things people do on the roads suprise me these days.

    Oh just one thing, I'm not totally happy with you using your mobile phone while driving, I know you were hands free, but even that is still enough to distract you from the job at hand.
  15. So I guess you don't like it when I use my SENA set to call the wife while riding the bike?

    He used hands free. Get over it.
  16. how about chattin on the two way/cb?

    Talking to the passenger?

    Knocking back a coke, driving with only one hand on the wheel?
  17. Or as a cager will also do:

    Eating a sandwich, drinking a coffee, getting a BJ...........Faaaark.
  18. It's difficult to do all of these at the same time. Steering with the knees, and BJ... But I accept the challenge!
  19. I hope two people are involved?!? :confused:
  20. YOU DO? dayum I'm gunna have to drive more often..