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smidsy talk

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by luvmyzed, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. I have a job interview coming up in the next few weeks and one of the criteria for the process is a 5 minute talk on whatever we wish.

    As the job is for motorbike training I thought I would do my presentation on SMIDSY.

    Or should I just stay away from any motorbike topic and play it safe???
  2. For job interview, opinion is OK but rant is bad, so this could be a dangerous topic.

    Plus, your view might differ from the business', which considering the field could go against you.

    My advice? Pick a topic that will make the interviewers laugh, or like you. (Pref both).
  3. who is it presented to? An interview panel only?
  4. You should do it on "the anthropomorphism of Felis Catus in electronic communication". :)
    (or cats in cardigans)
  5. you could bring in some props...
  6. I was thinking more of a powerpoint demonstration.

    But yeah, bringing a few live cats to an interview would be a guaranteed way to make sure they remember you.
  7. Unless you presented it in a manner where you highlight misuse and misunderstanding of statistical analysis, something our TAC friends are excellent at. I also imagine it would demonstrate suitable skills for the workplace as opposed to presenting nothing more than a passionate topic. It demonstrates logical analysis rather than emotion.
  8. I interview quite a few people for jobs. I'd say go with it if you're confident you can do a good job. Usually looking at how the speaker engages with the audience rather than the content but a bit of passion doesn't hurt. It leads into the whole defensive riding skills thing so plenty to talk about.
  9. I had a similar process years ago and it for for an IT company, where I would be required to pitch and present IT solutions as part of the job.

    Rather than do an "IT topic", I chose something that was completely unrelated that;
    a) made them laugh and kept them interested the whole time
    b) showed something about myself
    c) showed that I could present pretty much anything, and
    d) was something that I could easily talk about, so that if I got nervous I could just keep going.
  10. stick with what you know well
    with the subject matter sweet as in your head you can concentrate on delivery
  11. It's a great idea unless you want the job.

    The purpose of a job interview is to convince the would-be employer that you are the solution to the problem they are having.

    In my experience, nobody is ambivalent about motorcyclists. Some are sympathetic, many think we're just crazy. Some are outright hostile.

    My reservation about this approach is that at the end of the interview you are going to be "the biker" rather than the fantastic candidate who will solve their problems for them. Hiring people is subjective, my advice is don't give them a reason to be prejudiced against you*. Get job first, then beat their heads in about looking out for riders.

    * unless you're hot. Then you can get away with pretty much anything except defecating on the conference table. And even that in some companies...
  12. being tassie your probably related to atleast one of them - you should be fine...unless it's the uncle that doesn't like you.
  13. Yeah they wont care what the topic is, they will be assessing your confidence and your presentation skills. Best advice is to do a topic you know absolutely inside out, so you arent umming and ahhhing and stuttering etc.

    Focus on anything you can talk about smoothly without pausing for 5 mins, and like one or two others said, make it light hearted and funny if you can.

    Maybe a topic like the reasons you took up riding? or how riding makes you feel? If you are passionate about the topic it will really show through, and if that topic is related to the job, all the better. Your passion and enthusiasm will get you role.
  14. Not Death by Powerpoint...nooooooooo
  15. find out if your interviewers are on NR by nodding when you walk in, then they will give you the job when they realize whats up.
  16. Thanks guys!!!

    The job is for motorbike training and I have been a trainer for over 18 years, with 3 different companies!

    I am going to go the SMIDSY talk and use positive reinforcement (Sheldon's method, when he "trained" Penny, from Big Bang Theory) to encourage participation........without the squirt bottle!!!

    Oh............btw...........I am HOT 45 year old female too!!!!!