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Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Dazzler, Sep 26, 2011.

  1. Even Victorias finest get it wrong. . .

    Police vehicle collides with motorcyle - Bentleigh East
    Monday, 26 September 2011 11:48

    Police are appealing for witnesses to a collision in Bentleigh East around 9.15 this morning between an unmarked police car and a motorcycle.

    The police vehicle, a dark blue Holden sedan, was travelling west on Centre Road, Bentleigh East, when the driver attempted to do a u-turn to intercept a motorist he saw talking on a mobile phone.

    Whilst attempting the u-turn, a black Yamaha motorcycle, also travelling west, has impacted the right hand side of the vehicle.

    The rider of the motorcycle, a 22-year-old man from Clayton South, was taken to the Alfred Hospital with serious but not life threatening injuries.

    The driver of the police vehicle, a male Leading Senior Constable from Kingston Highway Patrol, was taken to the Monash Hospital with minor injuries.

    Anyone who witnessed the collision is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or visit www.crimestoppers.com.au.

    Acting Senior Sergeant Sharon Darcy
    Media Officer
  2. What? They're both still alive, why don't they just ask them what happened!?

    Or are they telling different stories, thus the need for a third party witness to verify?
  3. At least this u-turning cop didn't kill someone.
  4. Is there a media story linked to this or is it only on the Vicpol site?
  5. 60 kmh zone, clear sunny day.
    I hope they don't spin the 'black' bike line.
  6. He didn't see him... BUT HE MUSTA BIN SPEEDIN.

    Hope the poor bastard who got hit turns out alright - can't say I feel the same for the cop. The irony is just too much, fang a dangerous u-turn in traffic and kill someone to go after someone on their phone.
  7. Aaargh fuck.
    I'll be staying in Bentleigh East in November - they don't even know yet but they're already practising...
  8. They should charge the mobile phone user for the lot, if he wasn't on his phone the police wouldn't have had to do the u-turn therefore the motorcyclist would not have been hit. Don't fret, I know it's crazy logic.
  9. Because instant response from cop would have been "im a cop not my fault" lets see where this one goes.Guarantee you he will find a list of technicalities to worm out of it
  10. Just typical of what becomes the norm for aussie drivers regardless of who they are.
    Quick check of mirrors and off you go!

    How about an add on Head Check and Head Check and Head Check and Head Check and Head Check and ...
  11. Was run on ABC AM radio news bulletins a couple of times before/at midday. VP were calling for witnesses to contact them, although the basic circumstances do not appear to be in any doubt. FWIW there was no mention of speed in the news report, and plod crashed into rider...
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    I know it has already been stated - but, is the cop going to get away scott free like the other time.... My blood boils when I hear about this.

    Call to Arms Thread - time for another letter writing campaign....
  13. From the Hun report

    "It’s just a matter of determining where the motorcyclist was positioned.’’

    WTF? he would have been on the road. Where else?
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    Admire your passion John, but before tackling the senior constable (also injured), best to try and get some facts. Rider victim might be a good starting point (but let's not compromise his legal position with wild statements).

    As long as the facts justify it, yes it's a good opportunity to put the case even more forcefully.
  15. Attempting to occupy the same piece of space-time as the police car? I thought that was obvious.
  16. We would be focussing on something completely different if the officer in the opposing vehicle had actually LOOKED FIRST in order to determine where the motorcyclist was positioned BEFORE he initiated his U-turn into his path.
  17. We don't know if he didn't. They were both heading in the same direction, the officer went to do a u-turn. Was he in the right lane, was he indicating, was the rider attempting to over-take, was the rider looking ahead, was the officer in the left lane turning right, what were the traffic conditions..... Etc? A lot of questions need to be answered before we condemn someone. The same way that we get the shits when speed gets mentioned in a motorcycle collision before any analysis could have been conducted, how is it fair that we do the same thing and make assumptions.

    The reason I ask this is a saw "RoadWars" on foxtel the other day and they had footage of a motorbike in the right lane go to over take the car in front which was braking, only for the rider to run Into the car turning right that the other car had slowed for. Could this have been the scenario here? We don't know without more info.
  18. I just sent this to the HUN:

    Time to write some more and get them focussed on SMIDSY again.
  19. Thanks for the clarification, Day - I couldn't work out how rider hit the driver's side but thought they were travelling opposite directions...

    I'm just thankful the rider will have a chance to give his or her side of the story this time.