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SMIDSY - of a different kind

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MelbourneMick, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. Heading along beach rd. excellent conditions (ie not many cyclists!!)

    Anyway stuck behind a few cars on and around the speed limit. Come into a straight stretch and make the decision to jump in the left lane as it is clear and no parked cars ahead.

    Indicate, headcheck, start to move over when something catches my eye.
    A little orange flag waving in the wind.

    shitandpissandbloodybastard it is an old geezer on a mobility scooter spanking full tilt down the left lane of beach rd the wrong way !!

    i got back in the right lane with room to spare but rodgermerotten... i felt if i had cleaned him up I would be the one saying "Sorry Mate, I didn't see ya !"
  2. he was doing the wrong thing as well.... and he doesn't pay road rego! where's the cops to throw the book at him literally and figuratively.
  3. I just don't get some people..
  4. Gotta get to bingo sunny!!
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  5. Aren't mobility scooters classed as peds so as you have to walk against traffic I would expect he is doing the right thing. Unless there was a footpath.
  6. what a ****ing hoon!
  7. Dont mess with mobility scooters, they are feisty little buggers, especially the ones with orange flags carrying walking sticks to beat cyclist with ;)
  8. mate it is beach rd. it caters for everyone but bloody paid up road users!

    footpaths either side, walking paths, bikes paths, the whole shitfight.
    lucky on of the local cashed up bogans punch down the left lane in his SS Ute and make a complete arse splat of the situation
  9. speaking from experience? hahaha
  10. cyclists, now ute drivers... :p stop picking on me
  11. Umm yep
  12. hahahaha i reckon i best be quittin ma yackin about now hahaha
  13. Don't forget the tradies.
    Hate those freeken tradies. Like my X it's all about them.
  14. I have a lot of family in a small town, and the coppers had to go have 'chats' at the old peoples homes of this town, 'cus the mobility hoons were getting to a intersection and just blasting straight over the road and be-damned whoever was doing e-brakes and swerves to avoid 'em! Some of them are damned crazy.