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SMIDSY - now what?

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Orb, May 14, 2012.

  1. Well my morning wasn't to great, old lady didn't see me in a roundabout and drove into me. Not sure but looks like the kick stand was the first part hit on the bike and is the only part that shows any sign of making contact (white paint on the end).

    Not sure what happened next either, but the bike ended up doing a 180 and resting on the side with minor damage to the shift lever, a bar end, blinkers and a mirror. I flew of the bike, landed on my left hip/side, rolled onto my back and slip some distance, ended up about ten meters from the impact. Had a backpack with a holded up fleece vest inside it on my back + the leather jacket so they took some of the punishment. Cue cops and ambos and the boss coming to pick my bike up.

    Ambos said I would be fine apart from the hip bruising and swelling and let me go without a hospital visit. Cops took our details and let us go. The lady that hit me gave me a lift home :LOL:

    Bike is in the shop getting a repair quote atm. Almost wouldn't know it was hit. Iv'e since been down the the doctors for a check over and some X-rays of the hip I landed on and my ribs, go back tomorrow.

    I'm not sure what to do now though. The cops got our details and exchanged them for us, but forgot the insurance. I've only got CTP at the moment (that will be changing in the next few days). Got the report number from the cops. Who's insurance do I have to ring if anybodies? Help?

    As for what I will do differently next time - not fixate on the car, look for an escape spot and get the f*** out of there before they hit me. And get comp insurance 8-[
  2. contact the old lady, tell her that your going to be sending your bike too your mechanic for a quote for repairs and that you will forward it to her for payment or for her to forward onto her insurance company.

    EDIT: good to hear your allright considering the smidsy. sounds like you got off pretty lightly which is good
  3. In Victoria, your in the wrong, Totally,

    Side stand first hit, says she should have given way to you,

    But Vic cops will say she couldnt see you,

    Glad your not busted up,

    Nice of the lady to give you a lift home,

    CTP. I dont have a clue,
  4. Glad you are OK. Sounds like you have learnt form the exercise. As you have no insurance you have to do the whole process yourself. Get your repair assessment quote done. Then write to their insurance company outlining the details of the accident, the parties involved, registration numbers etc. Enclosing a copy of the quote for repair and the police report number. This is known as a Letter of Demand

    Good Luck.
  5. Ring your insurance. They will find all the insurance details off the lady.

    ETA- ignore me. Missed the no insurance bit.
  6. You'll be right as long as she has more than third party, but it will still take pressure on her insurer. Don't let them dick you around, they want to hold onto the money for as long as they can. Your insurer probably won't be much help at all.

    If it's Youi tell them to go to hell for me.
  7. Hope that she has insurance.. and admits fault.

    glad you're sort of okay.. and hopefully it all works out for you, but i recommend you get full comp for the future..
  8. Get yourself a witness and have them make a documented statement... because, unless the police statement actually points the blame directly at the drive of the car, the drivers insurance company (if she has one) will deny any liability.

    Since the floods it's been worse; the insurance companies have lost their profit margin levels... it really is blood from stones nowadays.
  9. Thanks guys and girls, yeah I got of lightly after the unplanned flight. Dad recons I should buy some lottery tickets.

    Turns out we're both with NRMA. I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing...
    I think the cops talked to a few witnesses while I was in the ambulance. An Ex posty was walking past when it happened and called work for me, but left before the cops arrived I think, so there's another one.

    My ribs are currently reminding me that they took some of the impact as well.
  10. Keep us posted on developments Orb and well done on any lack of major damage!
  11. get a claim number from her or her insurance and give it to the bike shop. they should deal with the rest.
  12. Just got back from the docs. Rest of the week of work, Xrays don't show any obvious damage but he's waiting for the specialists reports to see if there's any soft tissue damage or internal organ damage (walking eating/drinking makes me feel sick so I recon something isn't right).

    Bike shop hasn't had a chance to do the quote yet, and yet to here from the cops... I hope that means they won't be charging me with anything 8-[
  13. Update - got the repair quote, bit over 300, theirs is even less so we might not bother getting insurance involved on the repairs side. Still no word from the cops so I'm not sure what's going on with the medical costs + CTP.
    Back to work tomorrow, light duties.
  14. What about your gear - pants, jacket, helmet? You should definately add that to the claim.
  15. Your bosses are correct. Federal and State public service (which includes AustPost) no longer cover travel to and from work as part of workers comp entitlements. I had this confirmed after my accident which happened when I was travelling to work. The rules changed a few years ago.

    They now leave the injury stuff to CTP insurance (don't know how that works if you are at fault) and bulk billing. I have been in my (Government) job long enough that I could be off sick for 2 years as long as I have medical certificates but again, if it is the other driver's fault, loss of income would be covered. That may not be a quick enough fix for many people though. I don't know if that medical leave can be claimed/reinstated but I'm sure my lawyer will claim for it.

    Make sure you lodge a claim ASAP with the NSW Motor Accident Authority - ph 1300 353 919. Once you have a claim number you can use it to get free physio etc, at least for assessment purposes. I have almost $1k in medical expenses (mostly X-rays and wound dressings) that needs to be reimbursed.

    Will you suffer a reduction of income for a period (ie loss of regular overtime and penalties)? If so, that also needs to be taken into consideration. I also will claim for the travel between home and physio/doctors. Two visits a week, 10km each way for a couple of months does add up. I live alone and family is all interstate so I'm in a situation where I haven't been able to do much house work. I will be making a claim for some house cleaning services.

    If your injuries amount to nothing more than cuts and bruises, there won't be much to claim. My broken arm and wrist will require more surgery in a few months and I don't know how long I will require physio so there will be expenses to be covered for quite a while yet.
  16. Ouch, hope your arm heals up quickly.
    Thanks for the advice.
  17. Well I have my bike back, I'm healed up and back at work, all the costs have been covered. Woman that hit me drove me around town the 3 odd weeks I couldn't ride...
    As long as I don't get a BS fine in the mail looks like I'm all good.