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SMIDSY - Now it's your turn

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Chef, Oct 5, 2011.

  1. Thanks for your patience folks. Maurice Blackburn have completed their next stage of preperations and now it's our turn to chip in and do our part.

    Maurice Blackburn have designed a logo and created a Facebook page to raise awareness to the SMIDSY issue and provide motorcyclists a place to tell their stories.

    Our job is to push this message as far out into the motorcycling community as possible by whatever means we have at our disposal. That means emailing, Facebooking, reposting onto forums and talking to riders in our travels. We can do all of those things because we're already doing them. This time it's for a purpose like no other, to bring as many riders as possible into the fold under the one banner.

    I know there will be complaints from people who are not on Facebook but still wish to tell their story. I'm sorry but www.facebook.com/stopsmidsy is the collection point so Maurice Blackburn can keep track of the information being provided to them.

    The logo designed by Maurice Blackburn is copyrighted, but we've been given permission to use it for the purposes of getting the message out there so go nuts.

    Will there be stickers I hear you shout!!!! Yes indeed there will. If you're going to the MotoGp this year Motorcycling Australia will have a stall set up where you will be able to meet the guys from Maurice Blackburn, tell your SMIDSY story, and collect a sticker.

    Just think, the next time a fucktard cuts you off or nearly kills you and then has the nerve to say "Sorry Mate I didn't See You", you can now give them a prize. Don't tell Maurice Blackburn I said that 8-[


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  2. Love the logo, big thanks to MB and you Chef for working hard on this issue, it is greatly appreciated by all on two wheels.
  3. Thankyou Set that's greatly appreciated. If you find yourself at the Island for the GP drop in and thank the MB boys in person, they've done an outstanding job :)
  4. I will be spamming all and sundry with this link :)

    I will also be putting my story on the page
  5. Excellent Aus, thankyou. The more stories they collect the more the TAC are going to look like tools. This is relevant to my interests.
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  6. Taken from a 2008 fact sheet:

    About two-thirds of all reported motorcycle crashes involve another vehicle. However, only about half of fatal motorcycle crashes involve another vehicle.

    In multi-vehicle motorcycle crashes, the other vehicle is at fault about two-thirds of the time. Commonly, this involves violations of the motorcyclist’s right of way.

  7. I have posted the entire first post over to the ASB forum also
  8. I posted that on the FB page. You know, just in case a cager wants to blame us ;)
  9. liked on fb and put on my profile so even my non aussie rider mates can see :)
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  10. Thankyou Mr Belly. I'm curious to see how far we can spread this message.
  11. Great work Chef.... Your diligence in this area shows the passion you hold for motorcycling, yourself and other.

    Congrats on your hard work.

    I'll be asking all and sundry to get on that fb page.
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  12. Thanks Gilesy. Many people have poured many hours into this including all of you guys right here on Netrider. I'm excited to watch the seeds Maurice Blackburn have planted beginning to take on a life of their own.

    Things haven't looked better than they do right now.
  13. Liked and posted on my status, your doing a good thing with this chef. cheers.
  14. Thankyou.

    Folks don't forget to share it and spread the message.

    The simplest most effective way to share the page is to use the 'share' button down on the left hand side. It will make the page stand out in your news feed and draw more attention to it.

    The purpose of the page is to bring riders to it to share their SMIDSY stories.
    Cheers, Cheffie.
  15. Liked and shared.
  16. Liked, gave my story, and posted on FB. Lets raise awareness!!!
  17. Do you want responses from non-victorians?

    It's good work either way, an initiative like this will be noticed by our MAA (TAC equivalent).
  18. liked and shared. Hopefully it's made it's way to England