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Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by tiggers, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. Car almost SMIDSY’d me Saturday morning on Military road. I see a silver camry waiting to pull out from a left hand turn with a red ford behind him.

    Camry starts to pull out, I’m on the brakes, he spots me and hits the brakes but the car behind him was still looking right and didn’t spot the big steel box in front of him had stopped.

    GOD almighty crunch of plastic on plastic and a bonnet popping up.

    I pulled up to see if drivers are OK.

    Car driver says to the driver he’s just crashed in to “sorry mate I didn’t see you”

    Car driver in the front says to me “ sorry mate I didn’t see you”

    I say ‘ that’s OK I saw you both’

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  2. lol nice response :)
  3. Ha! Justice!

    Lovin it!
  4. This I like.
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  6. Best. SMIDSY. Ever.
  7. How to double your nod count in one easy step
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  8. There's a TAC ad that Should've been Right there.. Well Done Vis..
    I Bet car #2 was doing 68 kph..
  9. That is funny as f'uck.
  10. I saw a SMIDSY car get hit too. I was going up the road and there's this strange road that merges in from the left and drivers have to turn their heads heaps to look so they usually just pull out. I was in the left lane (the danger lane on this case), I saw two cars coming up the merge quick and I knew they weren't going to see me. I felt like playing so i made sure the right lane was empty and the other side of the road was empty so I got ready to swerve. Car sees me at the last minute and ebrakes, car behind him ploughs up the back of him and pushes him a few ft into my lane as im swerving around them on the wrong side off the road. If I'd moved the the right lane as soon as I'd seen them, they probably would've seen me but I felt like teaching them a lesson.
  11. Thanks for the nods guys :)
  12. I think it made everyone smile :)
  13. brilliant
  14. I can totally see you saying this, bravo...

    But am I the only one singing "SMIDSY me, SMIDSY you, (A-haa), there is nothing we can do"?
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  15. oh you fkn bastard

    that will be in my head for days now
  16. It's been in my head since I read the OP. I tried to kill it last night with red wine but no luck. Tonight I am thinking well there is that bottle of port in the cupboard maybe that will be done with it.

    I was however to scared to mention it however now I know I am in great company!

  17. This looks like a job for Jamiesons Irish Whisky.
  18. I've tried Cooper's Pale Ale and tonight, Fat Yak. Neither is helping but I believe persistence is the key...
    Tomorrow I'll hit the scotch, get naked and dance about singing "We can't be beaten".
    Then on Thursday I'll have a think about getting this damn Abba song out of my head...