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SMIDSY for all my friends.....

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by DRMAT, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. Bye bye CBR1000RR :cry:

    Stupid old prick coming opposite direction decided it would be a good idea to do an illegal right turn right in front of me. Braked and swerved, dropped it last second and hit his back corner and rolled into the other lane. I'd give it a 9.5 for difficulty but was up on my feet right away to get out of the way of the other cars.

    Mostly ok, rashed jeans, rashed jacket, knocked helmet, mega graze on one knee, graze and bruise hip and a very sore shoulder, slightly mashed little finger that got caught under the bar as i went down (i think although it's my left hand and i went down on the right so maybe hit something else). Xray and ultrasound on the shoulder today as i think i might have done my AC joint but I'll live.

    Bike is rooted, front end all smashed off, front wheel in the radiator. Towy finished it off when he dragged it along the road and onto the truck. Awesome after i just sepnt the weekend fitting the $400 worth of new bits from when my wife stationary dropped it two weeks before!

    Police and ambo's didn't attend but made a police report and have two great witnesses to back it up so depending on how co-operative the other party is will depend on whether i want him charged. In hindsight i should have called the cops at the time but was a bit more preoccupied that i was largely ok to realise that i almost died.

    Bike is insured with Famous and they have been great to deal with so far. Time to start shopping for a new bike and new gear!

  2. Damn that sucks mate glad you're okay though.
  3. Those minor injuries may turn out to be more serious. Get everything checked.

    Well done in missing a full on hit.

    Always, always call the Police when you are taken out like that.
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  4. Holly crap..glad your ok
  5. Glad you're okay

    Depending on how you went down, the finger on the left might have been crushed between the bars and the tank.

    I know it's tempting to not cause a fuss... but consider charging the guy reguardless of how cooperative he is.
    That sort of driving just isn't good enough
  6. Frack!!! Commiserations and congratulations.
  7. sad news, glad your ok. witnessed an old guy, (looked around 80ish)go up a street the wrong way yesterday at Malabar shops. Did not have any idea where he was.
  8. Dude thats a great escape. Heres to a speedy mending!
  9. Get a good check out of everything spare nothing mate.
    And charge that prick, he's going to cause the death of someone next time.
    Take good care mate.
  10. Awwww maaaaaaaaaaaaannnnn....Sorry to hear about that! What a shame, silly old fool....(car driver, not you :D).
  11. Congratulations on surviving. That's the only positive out of this. Oh and also the payout for a new bike.

    Hopefully injuries are only temporary and heal quick.
  12. Glad you are Ok DRMAT :), RIP to the good and faithful Fireblade. :(
  13. Did they say it's written off? Looks repairable to me
  14. How does insurance work with that? You get solid breakdown of cost of repairs and give to insurance company and they tell you it's either ok or not?
  15. The tow truck driver dragged it along the road and onto the truck, I'd want it written off after that.
  16. Waiting to be assessed formally but the towy took one look and reckoned it was dead, i know he's no expert but i would have thought both sides, the whole front gone plus attached ancillaries, bars and the forks etc would be easy write off. Thus why they didn't bother towing it to a bike shops for quoting and just took it to the tow depot.

    Micky: The bike in this case sits at the depot until the assessor checks it out, i guess if he/she thinks it's lineball then it'll get towed to a bike shop for a full quote.

    Goz: Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    Had my xrays and ultrasound this morning, fortunately nothing broken, torn or ruptured, just a sprain of my AC joint. The rash and the bruising i can deal with, not being able to use your right arm for too much like driving, working etc is a PITA though.
  17. Keep on top of the pain with meds.....if you notice your arm does not get any better after time get it checked again by MRI..

    When I came off my bike I had no brakes or tears found by xray or ultrasound...12 months later shoulder was no better and had an MRI that picked up I tore the shoulder lining out requiring surgery to fix
  18. Nah not taking any meds, not sore enough to warrant them. I'm pretty on top of it though, I'm a chiropractor, thus the Dr part in DRMAT :)
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  19. That sucks buddy, glad you came out okay in the end though.

    Personally I'd want the guy charge, it's his action that have caused those injuries and you to be without a bike, and he put your life at risk by trying to do illegal right turn.
  20. that sucks mate!!!
    hope you get better soon & a biiig payout for the bike.
    Also, recommend some exercises for yourself :)

    and...do you get to write yourself a doctors certificate as well? :p