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SMIDSY - Facebook Competition

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Chef, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. Stop Smidsy

    TGIF! Time for Maurice Blackburn to dip into the archives for a classic SMIDSY video; this week we look back to the Motorcycle Council of NSW's 2006 "revealing" take on driver awareness. A SMIDSY T-Shirt and some stickers to the rider/rider's mate/family with the best SMIDSY video idea/concept in the comments section.
    Winner will be chosen on 14 Nov.

    Here's a link to the Facebook page if you don't already have it, or if you're ever looking for it you can always find it in my sig.


    Have some fun with it, I don't know what MB intend to do with the ideas.
    I'll make a request that the competition runs for a bit longer to give everyone a chance to put their thinking caps on.
    Good luck.

  2. I liked this one: does anyone have the wherewithal to replicate it for the Australian market?

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  3. hit the nail on the head with naked stuff Chef, and Heli's one is good too, wonder if showing some 'victims' with Vicpol [one can dream] commenting on riders being victims that are part of the "Unseen community" now that tag could be catchy!!
  4. i've been working on a script for something, borrowing a few concepts from that ad without realizing. sadly though i don't have anything resembling camera gear or enough faces to make it happen

  5. psssst..... no bullshit excuses
    We have what you need here on
    Netrider and possibly some more forums, All you need is the drive but for you to say you don't have this or that is defeatist,
    Ask and you shall receive.
  6. Its the girl in the pink at the end that makes it work, so if you copy it dont forget that. Unfortunately society doesn't care about people that they see as "different". The girl at the end brings it home that it could be the their "good" daughter, the "normal" girl next door etc.

    Same way it took a little girl to get the barriers installed on the westgate. Nobody cared about the weekly jumpers...
  7. i like where you're headed, and i certainly don't dispute a word.
    ok so i can get the faces when i need them, and i know many of those faces have decent cams.
    but even if i did push through with this, i have no idea what to do once it's been made. viral vids don't really do much of anything beyond giving viewers on internet forums something to talk/laugh/biatch about