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SMIDSY crash on Camera - open discussion

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by robsalvv, Jul 18, 2014.

  1. New thread capturing posts about the rider's roadcraft in the SMIDSY accident.

  2. I still say he wasn't riding dangerously. He wasn't paying attention, or wasn't experienced enough to recognise the potential hazard, but riding dangerously, nope.
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  3. If you scoot down a clear near side lane stay to the left buffering against the cars to your right. Most cars are going to want to take advantage of the clear lane also - i'm surprised that didn't happen.

    At the start it quickly shows his clutch wasn't covered - i'm guessing from his reaction times neither was his front brake. I always ride in traffic covering my brake with two fingers.

    Reaction time was slow, failing to see the car start to pull out - maybe more concerned about the cars on the right perhaps?

    Speed? Although not speeding perhaps a little too fast for the environment he found himself in. If you travel in the left, there's always going to be the possibility of that happening from side roads.

    A very unfortunate incident caused by a dickhead in a car - but the poor fella on the bike didn't really try too hard to get the odds stacked in his favour. Hope he's okay in the long term.
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  4. I agree with that Lionz.
  5. The traffic ahead were stopped, the last cars this rider passed were stopped and leaving a gap to allow the car driver through to do a right hand turn and possibly those on coming cars to turn as well. If this rider was traveling at a reasonable speed and especially in the left lane, he may have realized what was likely to occur and could have avoided the incident.
  6. If you go back the ch9 news report and listen to the police spokesmen you will hear him agree that the rider wasn't speeding. There has since been discussion that his speed was 40-45kmh although I don't know if that can be confirmed.

    Be wary of the effect of the very wide angle lens on the cam. It makes things appear to approach more rapidly than in real life.

    Disregarding poor reaction time etc., if 45 is 'too fast for the conditions' then it's probably time to hang up the keys and walk.

    I do agree that the collision was avoidable FWIW.
  7. Ridiculously pejorative wording, both verbal and written, in this report, but while the rider may not have been speeding per se, he was going way faster than the surrounding traffic. People expect everyone else to be doing the same speed as they are, and react (or don't ) accordingly.
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  8. Withdrawn - not worth the effort.
  9. The 40-45 Kph comes from the reporter stating that the rider admitted to doing that speed. The fact that the cars were stopped should have warned the rider to expect something was happening. Although the car driver should not have pulled out, the fact that he/she had been given a gap to proceed through and they would have been watching all the other vehicles, a bike would be quite easily missed and not seen. Motorcyclist are not infallible but the posts on this forum are always putting it on the car driver, Police, or TAC etc. There should be more responsibility taken for your own actions not look for a scape goat.
  10. One thing that cannot be dismissed is that the car driver had a VERY clear view of the approaching bike - IF he/she actually looked. I think we can safely dismiss excessive speed as a factor and state plainly that the main contributor was the driver's poor judgement.
    There's always more that a rider could have done, but it eventually would get to the point where not riding is the last remaining option. and that's the one TAC and Channel 10 were aiming at.
    Sooner or later drivers have to be held accountable in the media, and they have to lift their game.
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  11. Try reading some of my posts champ. Rarely is there a motorcycle accident that wasn't in some part the fault of the rider.

    I am not denying he should have been more alert and ready for something like this to happen.

    But listen very fcuking carefully. Only in your small world was he riding dangerously. Only in your mind was he traveling too fast.

    Even VicPol uncharacteristically said he wasn't speeding.
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  12. Quoted it for the benefit of the hard of hearing.

  13. That car driver would have pulled out in front of a mobility scooter doing 5kmh.

    Fact is the rider came away with minor injuries because he did ride to the conditions - even if his reaction could have been better. Don't be fooled by the false perspective of the lens.
  14. The second incident the SMIDD, "Sorry Mate I'm a Dozy Dickhead" has been discussed here, watch your mirrors when stopping for traffic. Allow escape paths, if you see someone barreling down on you go like the clappers.
  15. You should see the crap that is being said on dashboard cam about this from drivers - made me so angry I had to stop reading it.
  16. Titus I agree 99% with 99% of what you say, but you have no reason for making that assertion about the driver. He might have had the sun in his eyes, or 100 other things...
  17. or a dick up his arse or one of those wankers who hate motorbikes or just a plain every day numpty that seems to plague Australian roads
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  18. link?