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SMIDSY, but I was lucky.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by streetmaster, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. Nice little ride today, but not a good start.
    Got side swiped by a car at around 80km/h!!!
    Two cars in the R/H lane & as I was passing in the left lane, the second car decided to change lanes.
    I wasn’t in his blind spot, he hit me with his FRONT guard!!
    This was on the Sth Gippy Hwy, just after the Baxter Tooradin roundabout. Guy said "I don't know how I didn't see you" to which I replied, "You didn't fucking look"!!!
    I’m ok & just minor cosmetic damage to the bike.
    Was lucky & able to ride it out!
    Even luckier, That I didn’t take Mandy’s new Z1000 out today!! :rofl:
    Cowl Damage
    Pan Damage
    Engine cover damage
    Decent hit to his guard!

  2. mate, thank god you're ok, just swap bits on mandy's bike and say 'SMIDSY' lol
    in all seriousness, am sure your skills saved you from personal damage.
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  3. Look at that dent. And you kept it upright. That's awesome.

    Which wheel track were you in?
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  4. Err the dent is where he rammed the drivers head lol :applause:
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  5. I was accelerating to pass them both. As I saw him coming over, I rolled off to brake & moved into the left wheel track.
    Hit me just as I was braking & I then rolled back on & the bike straightened up.
    Torquey bugger the Z1000!!! :)
  6. As I said on FB I don't give a flying fk if you'd been on my bike as long as you walk away. Bikes are replaceable; you are most definitely NOT.
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  7. ... And further, keep mine until yours is fixed.
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  8. Mine's not broken, I kept riding!!

    The only thing that actively went through my mind was;
    Oh shit, not again!!!
    My old 650 V Star got taken out by a 'P' plater overtaking me!
  9. bloody hell mate....glad your ok
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  10. Must admit, as I left the scene, I gunned it in 1st & 2nd to get a different adrenalin rush! :rofl:
  11. glad you're OK mate.
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  12. I hope the driver will cringe in shame every time he looks at the front corner of his car.

    Lucky escape - due in no small part, I'm sure, to quick thinking, quick reflexes, superior bike control and vast quantities of talent.
  13. I'm thinking a huge bucket full of pure arse!! :rofl:
  14. Glad it wasn't worse mate! Well done on the recovery!

    - - -
    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  15. all I can say is "phew" ....
  16. I don't understand how he put a dent like that in the side of his cage and didn't send you flying off the road. Well done for keeping her upright, very commendable effort.

    I assume his insurance is paying all the repair / bonus upgrades fees?
  17. 220kg of Kawasaki tough!!
    Against Toyota Camry!

    He's admitted full liability & told me he's with RACV. Exchanged details including phone numbers.
    Said he'd text me with the claim number, I'll give him a few days,,,,,
  18. Wow, pleased to hear you are ok streetmaster.
  19. That too. Don't forget to claim for the cleaning of your leathers. Those brown stains are a biatch to get out.
  20. Well done mate. What a bugger though. Could have been much worse. Numpty must have been doing the usual, look straight ahead and only glance during a lane change.
    Hope it hasn't stuffed your back up any more..

    Ps, are you doing this years SR?