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SMIDSY, but I blame myself

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by jmck, Sep 25, 2013.

  1. so coming home tonight: 2 lane dual carrige way; I was in the lane closest to the kerb, there was a car in front in my lane and a 4WD slightly back from that in the other lane, they traveled like this for some distance. I wanted to pass but there wasn't really enough space between the cars dispite the fact they were in different lanes. so I positioned myself at the rear quarter panel of the 4WD, hoping for the gap to open, I wasn't there long maybe 10 seconds, but I knew I was in the wrong position on the road, but there was a bicycle lane by the kerb so I knew I had and exit if needed. Sure enough the 4WD indicated and started accross at me at the same moment, i begain braking and swerving for the bicycle lane, while on the horn, I was surprised that the 4WD still completed thier lane change in to the spot I previouly occupied. I took position behind the 4WD but only a couple of hundred meters down the road they changed lanes back to where they were. At the lights the passanger wound down the window and utered those imortal words"Sorry Mate I Didn't See You" I shruged my shoulders and replied "no worries mate I've heard it before" we both took off on our merry way.
    Really a minor incident, but my fault, yes he should have checked is mirrors and looked over his shoulder, indicated first then moved, none of which happened, but still my fault, I was in the wrong road position it was unsafe and I knew it. I don't know why I did it, maybe because the exit strategy was there (the bicycle lane), maybe because there was only the 2 vehicles and me on the road. I knew it was going to happen, as soon as I got in that position, maybe I did it to try and teach the driver a lesson. I really don't know, but I absolutely knew it was going to happen and could have easily backed off well before hand.

  2. Lesson learnt!

    Glad you're okay.
  3. We all make errors on the road. It takes incidents like yours to bring it home. Glad you are Ok.
  4. @jmck glad you know what you did wrong.

    Oh and it'd pay to develop a sense of humour, or at least not take things personally, if you're going to hang around here.

  5. oh, I am sorry I didn't realise i did not have right of reply.[there is a great need for sarcastic font].
    I believe Blabbs was prevented from reposting in this thread, but that had absolutely nothing to do with me, that was a decision make entirley my Mods without any input from me.

    are you blabbs big brother?
  6. hahahaha. NO.

    Really, he was prevented from posting in this thread. fcuk the mods really are getting petty.
  7. It's the new age of sensitivity it seems, oh well tis what it tis I guess. As for you OP, just another day on the road.
    "I knew it was going to happen, as soon as I got in that position" says it all mate.
    Live and learn.

  8. it's true stupid is as stupid does, just hadn't realised that was me,lol
  9. Also pays to work out who is genuine and who habitually stirs the pot.
  10. Yep. It's always good practice to sit back, watch and learn who's who in the zoo when you go to a new pub.
  11. if you poke the bear, :blackeye: you will inevitably get a scratch or two
  12. :)
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  13. good post jmck.
    can tell you've been riding for a long time.
    the 2nd last sentence is poignant. I think sometimes I've gotten a bit too cocky and probably allowed them to just miss me, to teach them a lesson. like well fcuking look, you could have hit me.
    it's a very bad habit to develop.
    and we know better from earliest teachings and learning. there is reason to back of.
    matters not how long you've been riding or how good you can. stick to the habits that took you this far.
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  14. On the positive side you consciously made a road position decision that you knew compromised your survival space and ride options, but you had some idea of an escape plan. That's about two steps up from the average schmo who just makes forward progress until something stops them and they remain in a compromised position until the situation changes or they take a marginal advantage to keep going forward.

    On the downside, what did it gain you? What was the advantage of doing that in that situation? If you'd sat back and positioned yourself for the gap you hoped was going to open, would you have been at a disadvantage?

    How does that riding decision look now?

    Kudos for looking at your riding decisions for the learnings - keep this up mate, it will take you a long way.
  15. A very bad habit!!
  16. hopefully not a habbit i develop, and your right, i was tring to teach him a lesson, but learnt yet another one myself

    Your are totaly correct, I could and should of sat back, it would have made not difference to forward progress.
    it was a bad decision and in the back of my head that little voice was telling me that the second I made it, but I can be a bit pig headed and didn't listen

    P.S. can anyone tell me how to 'Quote multiple posts in my reply'
  17. Simply scroll down the page and for all posts you want quoted, click on 'Reply/Quote.'

    The reply box will have all the posts you selected.

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  18. Should have taken the bicycle lane and moved your legs like you were peddling. That will get you noticed!!