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SMIDSY bicycle article in the SMH

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by robbie55, Feb 23, 2012.

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  2. An excellent article, thanks for posting Robbie.

  3. Probably considered "newsworthy" b/c the reporter writing it rides a bike. Plus bikes are the new black for the green/health/cool/"in" crowd, so sure to get a guernsey in the press.

    Need more motorcycling reporters obviously. Anyone need a new job?
  4. I could be wrong but I think the uptake of bicycles is exceeding m/c's, so they'll be more inclined to write articles on subjects that are trending.

    There is some crossover from them to us though so I see it as a good thing.

    Bottom line: Why do some drivers see riders being aggressive? Because some drivers are either belligerent or ignorant to the threat they pose to riders.

    Simple cause and effect. It's nice to see an article that tells drivers they're the cause.
  5. Percentage wise ptw is rising greater than cycling, but coming off smaller base.
  6. Oh ok cool. Then it comes back to there are more writers using bicycles than m/c's.
  7. Goes without saying that the cycling lobby has the weight and (in some cases, the inclination) to write motorcycling out of the story altogether.
  8. I cycle and I ride. I have to say that its a hugely refreshing change to see a calm article on cycling, not some trolling diatribe designed to insite the rage of aggressive morons.

    Yes cyclists do dumb things, so do motorists, so do motorcyclists. I think what people lose sight of is that a selfish git is a selfish git whether in an SUV bellowing at or beeping at a cyclist, a cyclist shouting at a pedestrian or a motorcyclist riding like a knob.

    Seeing things like "the cycling menace" etc saddens me. Stupid people believe it, thankfully they are in the minority.

    As population density increases and the roads gradually clog up two wheeled transport will have to be more widely accepted and used. It used to amaze me in London, my 8 mile cycle commute took me past the same roads full of stationary traffic, every car with one red faced frustrated occupant at the wheel taking 5 times longer to go the same distance at a huge cost - while their idling engine pumped out fumes pointlessly. Dont get me wrong, i'm not some sort of tree hugger but it just seems so ridiculous!
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  9. actually if there was an increase in 2 wheeled vehicles, more so bicycles, it would contribute to road congestion as they would signficiantly affect the flow of traffic from slow speeds, forcing drivers to go aroudn them, not following road rules etc. just see all the chaos a few cyclists can cause on General Holmes Drive on the weekend.

    In Asian countries cycling and motorbike commute is very common and was actually quite well faciliateted having their own separate fenced off lanes on major roads. However, it got to a point where it caused so much congestion, bicycles and motorbikes were completely banned from metropolitan cities. My point is that these arguments about 2 wheeled transport will ease road congestion is not really correct.

    While I dont think it is entirely cyclists' fault for riding on the road due to lack of proper cycle lanes (they should be completely isolated from the road not just painted lanes), riding a bicycle on the road is as dangerous as driving at 60km/h on a freeway.

    In Japan, bicycles are actually riden on the footpaths and cross roads at intersections the same as pedestrians. it works there because people dont ride like idiots but it will never work in Australia.

    This article is great in bringing attention to driver awareness but i would really hope to see less bicycles on the road.
  10. Less bicycles on the road...? Put out the smoke mate. All transport policy is about limiting the increase of cars on the roads... Cycle commuting is part of that solution.

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    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  11. You'll find that is political. More car owners as people become wealthier. Wealthier citizens are more powerful politically. Congestion grows. They can't ban cars so they ban bikes and sometimes motorbikes fron city centres. Congestion gets worse. Build more roads. Congestion still gets worse. Compare Jakarta -too many cars, wide streets and main roads but constant gridlock - to Ho Chi Minh City, semi-dedicated scooter/bike lanes, narrower streets, yet traffic flows much better, particularly for bikes!

    Just my personal observations of these cities, probably a lot of unknown factors too. Now eventually if you have a mega-city of around 20 million people, with poor road and public transport infrastructure then it doesnt really matter what the mix is, your traffic situation is going to be near permanent gridlock. Jakarta, case in point.

    Four people in four cars will always cause more congestion than four people in one car. Four people on four motorbikes better than four cars, maybe about the same as one car - depending on laws and behaviour. forty people on a bus better still than forty cars or even ten cars or forty bikes. The fewer cars, more bikes, motorbikes, and public transport options the better.

    Bottom line - it's the cagers' fault :)

    Tappin' not talkin'
  12. Anto, what you say reminds me of this:

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  13. @robsalvv - ripper image do you have more or the source - would love to share it with my office.
  14. Robbie, right click and hit properties - you'll see where I nabbed it from. That picture has been replicated on the web many times - I hope the attribution in the pic itself is correct.

    The pic makes a grand statement doesn't it!
  15. Congestion is caused at choke points, not from a cylist causing traffic from moving at 40 instead of 60, lets face it, if it was bikes causing the issue then you wokdnt get better travel times on a pushbike.

    Pushbikes are not for everyone though, because of distance and carrying but PTW are a much better solution.
  16. Guess who the winner was of a commute through melbourne between Car, scooter, bicycle, train and tram?
  17. Go the mighty vespa
  18. Indeed!

    And each bicycle got there before the car... so much for the bicycle holding up the car.
  19. Exactly cars hold up cars not pushbikes.

    It is a pity that we have minimal ptw infrastucture compared to pushbikes, when ptw, are faster, more versatile. Registrations of ptw are growing faster than bicycle participation rates even when bicycles are getting all the funding and ptw are getting very little.

    I wish we had their lobby. Anyway, no more whinging more doing.
  20. Even though bicycles are small they can virtually take up a whole lane on the road as it usually requires a car to partially or entirely move to another lane to pass them. so efectively they are like slow moving cars which affect the flow of traffic. And i believe that traffic light timings are designed for specific vehicle flow rates this would create a snowball effect and contribute to traffic congestion.

    while it is true cars hold up cars and cause congestion in the first place, bicycles on the ROAD is not the solution to road congestion. Dedicated cycle lanes (to a certain dgree) and a proper mass transit systems is the answer.