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N/A | National SMIDSY Awareness Advert - Update from Maurice Blackburn Lawyers

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Maurice Blackburn, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. Hello Netrider,

    Adam from Maurice Blackburn Lawyers here to bring you folks up-to-date on the SMIDSY Advert project.

    A little history...
    To recap for new Netriders; we began the Stop SMIDSY campaign to help address the concerns of the riders and rider advocacy groups we consulted ahead of our submission to the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into Motorcycle Safety. (see herehttp://www.parliament.vic.gov.au/images/stories/committees/rsc/motorcycle_safety/Transcripts/20111019_MauriceBlackburn_Transcript.pdf

    An undertaking on these forums to raise $5,000 through SMIDSY T-Shirt sales also resulted in a creative agency called Gozer (run by two riders) volunteering their services with some costs coming from the fund. An idea was born and Netrider's insight sought to help germinate the makings of a motorcycle awareness advert aimed at drivers.

    Desired outcomes...
    • To create a rider awareness advert that will resonate with drivers and encourage them to look for riders.
    • To produce something with high production values that wouldn't look out of place on television.
    • To secure free media off the ad to generate debate about the SMIDSY issue when releasing the end product.
    • If possible (if!) we would like to do this mid October in the lead up to the MotoGP.
    For transparency, since Netrider's insight was sought the following have contributed to concept development...
    Maurice Blackburn Lawyers - Community Engagement: Adam Kostick, Brand Manager: Rebecca Hanlan, Principal: John Voyage
    Gozer Studio - Creative Director: Shamus Hoare, Creative Director: James Armstrong
    Motorcycling Australia - Riders' Division Manager: Rob Smith, Membership and Training Officer: Bron Sorensen
    Victorian Motorcycle Council - Research Analyst: Rob Salvatore
    Motorcycle Review - Editor: Ross Daws

    An offer from the Transport Accident Commission...
    The TAC has offered to fund some focus group testing of the SMIDSY Awareness concepts we developed. The offer entails testing four concepts with four driver based focus groups over two evenings. In return TAC will join MB, Gozer, MA and VMC to view all the groups live and will have access to reports resulting from the testing to use in the campaign and to move the campaign forward.

    We considered the offer very carefully and met with the TAC to discuss it further. Given that we have one shot and a small budget to produce something that will resonate with drivers, this opportunity to test the concepts is very useful regardless of where it comes from. With the understanding that TAC's role as concept funding partner will not extend to any form of creative control we have collectively decided to accept the offer. After all, one of the cornerstone issues with TAC has been the lack of collaboration, so we are conscious of not falling into the same trap ourselves.

    Ultimately we do not have to go with anything that comes from the testing, however it may give us better understanding of our audience and ultimately assist in delivering them the intended message.

    Given there are no plans to approach this topic in TAC's current or future campaign stratergies, this endeavour looks like being the sole awareness raising platform for combating the SMIDSY phenomena.

    Who knows, if we can deliver on the desired outcomes mentioned above and present a finished product of quality, perhaps, just perhaps, given their involvement at the audience testing stage the TAC might in one stroke engage with riders' concerns and seek to promote/back the ad...

    Flights of fancy aside for one moment..
    I'd again like to take the opportunity to thank Netriders for their contribution - the two focus groups occur early next week and we'll look to give some more feedback once we have the reports from them.



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  2. this is not something the TAC have any expertise in.
  3. It sounds like all they are doing is providing funds (?)
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  4. I disagree. Based on their last TV ad, they have extensive experience with SMIDSY accidents.

    Oh wait, no. That's culpability, not experience. My mistake.
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  5. Correct.
  6. As long as TAC have no involvement in selecting the FG audience...
  7. Well done MB et all.
    Thanks for the update.

  8. He who pays the piper calls the tune ? No

    Good work on this MB

    Also I do understand people involved at the coal face know that there doing. My concern would be that in the future we would undoubtedly read . TAC funded or TAC funded focus group and TAC supporting riders

    . Which of course would be untrue .So i would say NO ...but to late she cried
  9. I'm a bit tied on this one.

    On one hand, if the TAC funds this then we can expect to see TAC point back to this occasion while professing neutrality any time their motorcycle ad campaigns are criticised over the next ten years. And the TAC haven't withdrawn the current "Reconstruction" ad, which was the original demand. In essence, we're being bought off.

    On the other hand, if it can help save riders' lives, maybe the right thing to do is to put politics aside?

    Edit: Oh, and fantastic work MB!
  10. Hey there - we'll chime in here.

    The FG is being selected by the independent research company - on an agreed set of criteria. TAC have not yet seen any of the concepts, and will not until they are final.

    We (Gozer) are not really across the politics of the situation - not sure if this is good or bad - but from a production perspective this process will allow us to ensure that our client (that being MB on behalf of riders) has the best chance of getting the right message out to more of the intended audience (drivers).

    It's obvious that this may not a direction that everyone will love ;) but we'd love to flag that having access to this kind of "tool" is something we would not have the any chance of using with such a small budget. So from our perspective, politics aside, it is a great opportunity to get the best result.

    Again, as Adam noted, we do not have to take the feedback on board, however to deliver a message with penetration we think it's worth using any avenue that will assist.

    Shamus and James.
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  13. Dunno about the second ad. When I can be stuffed I'll explain.
  14. It feels to me like a 'Keep your friends close but your enemies closer' type of relationship.
  15. The second kicker is that the 'independant research group' is in No way connected to or associated with MUARC.
  16. Hi,

    Sorry been MIA for a while, bloody work did have to get busy eventually.

    Excellent work so far all.

    Cheers Jeremy
  17. SMIDSY video

    May not be the Right spot for it, but I was surprised I hadn't seen it before.
  18. That's interesting. Did you notice how long it took before his brake light came on? 2 cars had already pull across for a u-turn, then a 3rd one started. He didn't touch his brake until he was almost on the car. How did he NOT start slowing down way before that? Easy to say when watching I guess, but, I just can't think of any way you could miss that happening in front of you and not at least slow down for the unusual situation.
  19. Focus groups are an epic fail. Take the comments on board with a grain of salt and make sure you guys write the questions not TAC.