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N/A | National SMIDSY 2012 - Galvanise

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Maurice Blackburn, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. Happy New Year Netrider, we're back and 2012 is shaping up to be one hell of a year!

    John and I are busy working on the Stop SMIDSY campaign for the next 12 months to build on the support and momentum it got last year. The passion around this subject among Australia's motorcyclists - embodied by Netrider’s contribution and the 650 rider strong alliance on Facebook - has the potential to affect real change. But what does success look like?

    Short Term: Increased awareness of motorcyclists by keeping the SMIDSY conversation in the public arena via a grassroots movement AND persuading the authorities to pledge advertising dollars to the problem ... ](*,)

    Long Term: Lobby for additional driver training around awareness of vulnerable road users.

    If you - or perhaps your club - would like to help the Stop SMIDSY campaign we'll back your ideas where we can, be it advice, provision of Stop SMIDSY stickers/t-shirts, use of the Stop SMIDSY logo or even providing the bangers for a sausage sizzle!

    Maurice Blackburn Lawyers are in this thing for the long haul and we really appreciate all your help - so don't hold back.



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  2. Cheers, just joined the facebook page although have been following this on NR for a while.

    It got me thinking, after watching quite a few bicycle SMIDSY videos on youtube that getting road cycling advocate groups on board could help the cause too?

    While motorbikes / cyclists dont always get along, there seems to be a lot of momentum building (in melbourne anyway) for better cyclist awareness. Getting a lot of news press, even a proposal for cars to have "cyclist awarenes" stickers on car mirrors http://theage.drive.com.au/motor-news/bike-stickers-may-reduce-doorings-20120105-1pmvw.html

    Motorbikes suffer from the same SMIDSY issues the cyclists do. Seems like cyclist groups could benefit from getting on board, while bolstering the support and numbers coming from the motorbike side of the fence.

    Me, I ride both moto and pedal power and i reakon there might be many more like me who do.

    More the merrier, right?

    This site has a list of state bicycle advocacy groups http://www.cyclingpromotion.com.au/advocacy.html

    Anyway, thats my two cents, keep up the good SMIDSY work!
  3. Happy 2012 Adam, John and MB. :)
  4. Reckon you're on to something here, tiger. The average road user out there doesn't really distinguish between cyclist, scooter- or motorbike-rider. To them, we are all a PITA.
  5. I really appreciate MBA's generous sponsorship of the 2011 Ride to the Sea, and look forward to your continuing efforts for the SMIDSY cause.
    I expect both Adam and John to be dressed up and rolling on this year's Ride' too ;)
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    ^^ what Kreeper said! Good job MBA, got a penguin suit you can borrow for the ride :D
  7. In talking with one of the academics behind the invisible gorilla clips & book, it's clear that there is a need for more research to understand inattentional & cognitive blindness a whole lot better - especially in regards to motorcycling & cycling. It's not sexy enough to attract funding. It's far easier to tell riders to wear hi viz... When that fails maybe then SMIDSY understanding & prevention will get some funding.
  8. Too right – there is a great deal of crossover when it comes to driver awareness of the two wheeled fraternity. The long term lobbying effort to increase driver training around this issue would benefit both camps.

    As Maurice Blackburn represents hundreds of injured motorcyclists AND cyclists your suggestion is worthwhile; the practicalities however require some careful consideration given the rather busy advocacy landscape.

    Thanks for the invite – you can pencil me in.

    Ah now come on lads; I wear one of those for work … though I’ll take it over NiteKreeper’s Rocky Horror outfit any day of the week! :p

    I hear you. We’re rather curious to see how this issue will be addressed by the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry.
  9. Just a resurrection of this thread to cross reference the Remember Luke Memorial Ride. An Uber smidsy incident by a trained police driver. In respect for the family we shouldn't politicize this event but if you are free on Sunday March 4th, a good turn out of riders would be one way of showing support.
  10. VP are conducting an operation focused on vulnerable road users in the next couple of weeks. It might be a useful time to bring SMIDSY into the media again, especially as Walshe's remarks have been hinting fairly strongly that it's mostly VRU behaviour that will be targeted.
  11. John Fein was pretty strident this morning that drivers need to carry a fair share of the blame. VRU's pay for driver mistakes.

    - - -
    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  12. I think that some of the VRU rhetoric from VicPol is as a result of the work that all you did in the motorcycle safety forum. Good work all.
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  13. I believe you're right, and that VP have been stung by criticism on that issue. But I'm not sure VP got the message exactly right. Fain was taking him to task for a 'blame the victim' mentality in the press release (which he denied of course).

    But then, VP only have the tool of punishment at their disposal, which is why I don't think that they are necessarily the most suitable agency to be tasked with tackling road trauma.
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  14. What's the consensus amongst riders on this morning's news?

    Leaving lane splitting aside (incidentally, do they mean splitting and filtering, or just splitting?) can this be seen as a step in the right direction?

    Kieran Walshe is quoted as saying Operation Halo “aimed to raise awareness amongst all road users” and for what it's worth the talk of “need[ing] drivers to always look” resonates deeply with the Stop SMIDSY message.

    Given one of the Stop SMIDSY campaign’s short term goals is to increase awareness of motorcyclists can it be said this practical application by Victoria Police is an encouraging development?
  15. I'll just say that it provides an opportunity to piggyback on the message that drivers need to be more aware. Ideally, I'd like to see PTW spokespersons reinforcing and refocusing on the driver awareness component of Walshe's release.

    (I think VP want to treat splitting and filtering as the same thing, but that's for another thread.)
  16. MB, that's definitely the optimistic view. I'm pretty sure from reading the VicPol submission and their other rhetoric, they are anti filtering, despite the world of positive benefits that can be gained from the act.
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    I'm thinking MB1 & MB2....
    The Banana suits are here if you want guys :D
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  18. Hmmm, shame. But when they talk about splitting do VicPol mean filtering too? Would seeking clarification be helpful or hazardous?
  19. I believe that VP senior people willfully obscure the difference between filtering and splitting in their statements because they seek to close the gaps :)roll:) that limit their power to prosecute. They have publicly answered your question in the past by claiming that no passing within a lane is legal (ie. assuming the role of interpreting the law). So yes, I think it's hazardous to give the police an opportunity to make this ruling.

    But really, this is a side issue (and one for government). There is a positive aspect to the current operation in that VP can play a role in educating drivers about SMIDSY. I'd like to see Walshe explicitly telling drivers that 'not seeing' your victim is not an automatic get-out-of-jail card.
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  20. I’ve been watching this thread for a bit.

    Titus has framed it perfectly. telling drivers that 'not seeing' your victim is not an automatic get-out-of-jail card.

    My view is that SMIDSY is the elephant in the room when it comes to motorcycle safety, and MB has recognised this elephant is ignored by policy makers, drivers, enforcement, road safety advertising, driver training, and shiny new 4WD’s in particular.

    Specifically targeting the VRU by enforcement is tantamount to bullying, attacking the victim, the target in this case needs to be car drivers.

    Let me give you a little anecdote:
    I ride a GTR1000, a largish bike with a big fairing , windscreen and factory panniers, it’s a full meter wide at the mirrors, not some dainty little thing easily hidden behind a fire hydrant. The novelty of people just randomly pulling out without a care in the world, and trying to trash me and my faithful black GTR1000 had well and truly worn off.
    So fired up with anger and fully equipped with spray painting gear, an appropriate amount of white paint was procured, and after about a week in the shed a shiny white GTR1000 emerged.
    Now given it’s the same bike, running the same errands on the same roads with the same rider wearing his same white helmet, what do you think changed? Well let me tell you the number of SMIDSY’s reduced dramatically, almost to nil. Now why is this? Sure a large white motorcycle is probably easier to see under certain conditions than a large black one, but is there more to this?

    When the GTR was black SMIDSY incidents would typically be as follows: a car is about to pull out, whilst ignoring the oncoming motorcycle, the driver will follow through with their maneuver with total disregard for the oncoming motorcycle.

    Now the GTR is white, SMIDSY incidents would typically be as follows: a car is about to pull out, whilst ignoring the oncoming motorcycle, after pulling out maybe a meter or so there is a big jerk as the car driver jams on the skids, now they plainly have seen me.

    My take on it is that my big white GTR looks like a cop bike (it actually looks a lot like a cop bike, complete with crash bars and antenna on the back, this is not by chance, I went to some trouble to make the overall silhouette look the part). Oncoming General duties police cars will often give a discrete wave, so the perception is truly in the eye of the beholder….

    Further, I am absolutely convinced that in most SMIDSY cases the bike is seen, but subconsciously or otherwise ignored. Therefore given the political will, appropriate education targeted at car drives cannot fail to produce useful results. Making it as socially unacceptable to clean up a motorcyclist, as it is to drink drive, is where we need to be heading.
    Drivers will swerve erratically to avoid a Koala on the road, I wish they had the same attitude to bikes.

    Apologies for the rant....but I feel better now.](*,)
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