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Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by 2Loud, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. In the absence of a crash thread;

    Was heading off to the beach for a swim on this damn hot day. Approached a T intersection that is a regular for dick heads (Tyalgum/Kyogle Rd). A bunch of riders came out towards me, one more on the way was lagging a little.

    I watched this guy closely, a rider would surely look wouldn't they?? He never turned his head to the right (where I am, in the 100 zone). I started slowing just in case he keeps going, which he does. E-brake, swerve, smash into his right pannier, pull up on the grass and put it on the stand.
    Scratches to the right fairing, minor damage to the seat cowl and tail fairing, snapped off rear set, rear set scratched the swingarm, dented pipe, some scuffing on the right muffler, ripped pants, heavy impact on boot which looks ok, but not sure if it should be trusted again. Anyone trust their boots for more than one impact?

    His bike was ok except for some lens and pannier across the road (I think).

    I was waiting for it...... "sorry I didn't see you", to which I replied, "no, you never ****ing looked", which he agreed.

    Rode the bike home, got some good upper leg exercise holding my right foot up off the broken rear set. My foot and knee hurt, but pretty good. Time to see if Insuremyride will be helpful. Pretty annoyed that my pride and joy has been damaged by stupidity.

    Well I'm off to the beach, in the cage.
  2. Good yo hear your OK.

    Dont forget to post some pics when you get back
  3. I've got a pic of frozen raspberries on my foot and frozen peas on my knee. Its making me hungry!!
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  4. Now you know what you're dealing with-the new age rider.
    Welcome to NR.
  5. I saw many Wild Hogs on the road today.
  6. Nothing spectacular to see, footpeg broken off.
    Spent half an hour watching cars going round and round while keeping an eye on swelling. Seemed ok, off to the beach as planned!

    I hope the other guy realises that if i was in the car and hadn't looked, he might be dead. I'm sure he'll be more attentive for a little while anyway.
  7. Unlikely. Give it a day or two and I'm sure they will have twisted the story so that it's somehow your fault. ;)
  8. Or at least be repeating it for some sort of street cred value, as though his crashing shows how he's experienced it all.
  9. far canal dude that's just fucked!
  10. Or sue the council for a poorly signed intersection.
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