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SMH Story - woman's dogs run over by 3 men in hatch

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by taiheung, May 2, 2008.

  1. yeah sounds very much like the game GTA :shock: and that scary.....i am all for the game btw, but fark me we have some real scum in society.

    I say just shot em :evil:
  2. I can't help but think of that old lady with the dogs in A Fish Called Wanda, that kkkkkkkenny kkkkeps trying to kkkkkkill....
  3. They definitely should be mauled to death by 50 attack-trained Pomeranians.
  4. I hate small dogs. None the less i would be going hunting for these punks...
  5. Car needs crushing... with them inside! :evil:
  6. This is where being allowed to legally carry a concealed sidearm is required.
    This shit never happens in the new england states (US)! We are so enlightned :roll:
  7. I couldn't help but think of Paris Hilton when she said her Chihuahua and her Shitzu had copped it. I still think its wrong to run over rodents though, i mean dogs.
  8. Reminds me of what happened to my sister's dog a couple of years ago.

    It was a big Husky, and they're not terribly territorial and will run if they can get loose. Anyway it got out one day, ran up the road, and this guy had a guinea pig out loose on his front lawn, unattended. Unfortunately the dog got it, and the guy saw. He went nuts. He got into his ute and tried to run the dog down. He chased it down the street, up on the footpaths and all over the place, trying to get the terrified dog. The dog ran home, got to the front door screaming to get in. Apparently the sound was frightening. The guy drove straight into their front yard, slammed on the brakes on their lawn, and leaped out of the ute with a hammer in his hand, launched himself onto the front porch and swung at the dog and smashed it's front paw. The dog screamed. It all happened pretty quickly and by this point my sister had the door open and the dog bolted inside bleeding everywhere. The guy then proceeded to threaten my sister with the hammer, in front of her kids and threated to kill her as well as the dog.

    The guy then pissed off, and was apprehended by the cops within minutes, thrown against his car and arrested. Absolute nutter. The dog had its leg in a cast for a while and the paw was never quite right after that.

    Whilst I can appreciate being upset if someone else's pet was loose and then killed my pet, how could anyone think that was an appropriate reaction???
  9. at times like that you wish you had a rock to put through their window. i dont give a shit, people like that need to be neutered so they cant have offspring. where the hell do these friggin apes get the idea that its cool and reasonable to do something like that? people like that deserve to be hurt, maybe some kind of discipline training, where someone follows them with a big fuggin stick follows them around days after day and every time they are a retard, they cop a belting with the stick?

    you need a licence to drive a car, ride a bike and carry a gun, but you can populate the world with oxygen theives like these omaebae as much as you like. their parents should be ashamed, and consider hari-kari!

    okay, ive ranted. a little. this is but a small amount of the anger i feel at people who do this kind of shit and other similar acts.

    the gene pool needs some major chlorination!
  10. Oh give me a break.
    In The US they would just hang out the window and shoot the dog.
    The argument that guns would solve this situation is absolute bullshit
  11. The driver probably wouldn't have been able to line up the dog if he was dead....

  12. Oi, get your own saying....... :p

    (I do agree though)..
  13. Nope, just lose control of the vehicle and run down some innocent pedestrian on the street.
  14. This is a heartless act, and one of which fills me with absolute hate for these kinds of people!

    To make matters even worse is that the person "Jennifer Patton" is a member on here! I seen it on the news this arvo!

    I just hope they get these ar55's and throw the book at them!
  15. Well that's a whole other situation that may need a solution.

    Don't read my statement as suggesting that everybody should carry guns. I just can't help but think that the world would be a better place with 50% less fcuktards in it.
  16. Don't need guns for that, just need less safety warnings ;).
  17. There'd be more to this story than the press is reporting, you can bet on that. A slow news day, for sure....
  18. Hmmm, Running down a 1.kg dog with a hatchback. :-k I'd say a fair punishment would be to keep similar ratios. Bolt their fcuking feet to the road and take them out with a fcuking Kenworth. :evil:
  19. Hey guys the lady in question is a Netrider member and so is her well known Netrider partner. She was understandably distraught on the news tonight......and I want these assholes caught (fingers crossed)!!!!!!!fcuking no excuse for animal cruelty like that!!!! :twisted:

    Sorry Luke just saw your post about Jenny after I posted this up... :?