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SMH states the obvious...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by FoxRiderJ, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. I am not sure if the high tech airbag jackets were available in 2008/2009 as stated in the article
  2. I got mine in early 2010, and it was on special for a ridiculous price ($100) because it had been discontinued. I would expect that it had been around for at least 2 years as they would have given it a chance in the market before discontinuation.

    This topic is misleading as their is valuable information on saying that the benefit is half the injuries, it is not obvious what the percentage benefit is.
  3. hmm armour is something that actually does interest me because I can wear it underneath my work clothes. Its all well and good talking about ATGATT but when you're visiting 6 different supermarkets throughout the day, and there's no where to put your gear it's not really possible. Guess I should have got a scoot so I could fit in all under the seat and the helmet in a case in the back... But then I'd have to ride a scooter.
  4. Well if you're talking about armour under the clothes, it should all be able to fit in one reasonably sized backpack. Knee armour isn't big, back protectors can fit in some backpacks. Armoured vests/jackets can also be stuffed into a backpack. But then you're talking a pretty big (but not huge) bag. Buy a tailbag or topbox and you're set to carry your armour around. Most bikes have helmet locks under the pillion seat which you can use to secure your helmet.
  5. The obvious being that no one was wearing inflatable novelty michelin man suits i'm assuming?
  6. I have a pac-safe steel net thing that wraps around my bag, then I run the line through my helmet and onto the frame. Where I park there is a lot of people going by so I mostly just need something that stops an oppertunist/******** kid.