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smh article: Ladies, start your motorbike engines

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by twainharte, Jan 18, 2009.

  2. but of course, is it cheaper? once you get the bike, rego, license, and riding gear, thats a ton of petrol money. ride because its a fun toy :grin:
  3. What the hell is that?

    I'm no literary master, but wouldn't "Statistics show that motorcyclists are at far greater risk"? be better?

    Am I being unreasonable, wanting professional reporters to use correct grammer?
  4. um, i'm still trying to get past the title. "motorbike!" who uses that?
  5. '''''But motorcycles are still much more unsafe than cars, statistics show. The fatal crash rate is 4.9 per 10,000 vehicles, compared to 1.0 per car. When distances are measured, motorcycle fatalities occur at 22 times the rate for cars. '''''

    hmm, wat do u expect from riding a bike, they say this as though its a mystery why bikers are more likely to die.

    And cars are more likely to crash anyway. the fatal crash rate is probably pulled from like 3 bike accidents to about 30 car crashes,

  6. They forgot to add - we do it for FUN :LOL: the saving on transport cost is just a convenient excuse to family and friends (well that was me anyway :p )
  7. Then when you add increased servicing, faster tire consumption and insurance, the economy may start to evaporate. It will still be cheaper than a big, petrol drinking barge like a falcon or commodore.

    But a small getz/similar using 6-10L/100km, running $80 tires (which last ages) and a 15k service interval is a very economical proposition.
  8. You have to make alot of sacrifices too, like you have to ride in all weather, people who get a bike 'to save money' are not the type of people who would be happy to ride when its pissing down or 50 degree day. People who get a bike to save money are also delusional.

  9. They get used to crap grammar after having to read transcripts of the speeches of George W Bush.

    ". . . . they misunderestimated me." W :roll:
  10. very happy to see her ATGATT......in the sydney press earlier in the week they had another female on her scooter in a sleeveless shirt and capris pants.....

    dont get me wrong she looked "fabulous" but it doesn't encourage the idea of safe riding to all those who may be considering taking this up.....
  11. What a negative write up about motorcycles... she forgot to mention that most motorcycle fatalities are due to cagers being dumb (OK, that might not be entirely accurate, but they are certainly a major contributor)...

    Well yeah, but you still have the parking issue... :p .
  12. No :p
  13. Heh, the man complaining about grammar can't even spell the word! ;)
  14. All i'm thinking is "$9000 for a VTR 250??"

    Anyway, it's a "warm and fuzzy" article. were you expecting factual substance?
  15. Gives me a boner when i ride thats why i start
  16. I have a Hyundai Getz payed $7000 with 110,000km on it { and would buy another in a heart beat :cool: } and I have 140km round trip to work ,once I've done the sums fuel, rego, insurance, service ,tyre ...the getz is $3000 cheaper per year.
    $2000 cheaper then she payed....bike are for Fun :cool: ..some cars are cheaper to run.
  17. Of course it is cheaper ('it' being a small bike - hers is a 250). Not only is it cheaper than a car, in fact it is also cheaper than our useless public transport. Not to mention quicker and less annoying to use.

    I am very pleased to see more people are starting to recognise that fact because I always maintained that to survive, motorcycling in our country has to branch out from being 'fun' and go back to its roots as a cheap means of transport. That's the only way it can remain a viable business and to maintain critical mass needed to stop it from getting pushed out of existence by 'traffic experts' and law makers.

    So don't worry about fun. Ride because it makes sense!
  18. i like how the angle of the photo tries to make a honda 250 look tough...

    i guess the reason a lot of women riders are older is cause some wait till they pop out a few kids & they grow up before they start riding.

    some of us skip the kids and go straight to the bike!
  19. Thats' what I thought!!! Saw her coming a mile away!
  20. Maybe that was the total for a package deal with all the gear. That would make it a tad more reasonable.